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Caitlin Quotes:

  • Caitlin: Also, I need you to reorder more mats.

    Owen: Did it.

    Caitlin: Finish the work schedule for next week.

    Owen: Did it.

    Caitlin: Change all the filters.

    Owen: Done.

    Caitlin: You know I'm going to check all that stuff, right?

    Owen: Then in that case, I didn't do any of that.

    Caitlin: So I'm doing it.

    Owen: It's called delegation. I read about it in a book about it.

  • Caitlin: [angrily] What are you doing?

    Owen: [laughing] What did I do? Having fun. It's all good. Nobody got hurt.

    Caitlin: It's not all good! You can't do that. That is the reason that places like this get shut down.

    Owen: [to teenager Malcolm] Is it me, or is she very sexy right now?

    Malcolm: She's certainly got my attention.

    Owen: Right... you're an impressive man. I want to be you when I grow up.

    Caitlin: I'm so tired of this guy. Aren't you tired? Aren't you sick of yourself? I'm sick of it! I'm sick of who I am around you. I'm sick of having to be this person. I'm not this person.

    Owen: Come on, I'm just messing around.

    Caitlin: No! That's why...

    [referring to their relationship]

    Caitlin: that's why this doesn't happen. This is just a job now. I wish this wasn't just a job.

  • Owen: I'm sorry. I'm developmentally challenged. Like bad. Nightmarey, special episode bad. I'm sorry.

    Caitlin: It's alright. I was... I was a little frustrated. I mean, I just planned on being here for one summer, you know. And then, next thing you know it's three years. It had a lot to do with you. So... I just don't want to look back and regret that it should have only been one summer.

  • [to Irv, while he acts as the Oracle]

    Dr. Tullen: Will my daughter ever stop sulking?

    Caitlin: Will my parents ever stop fighting?

    Irv: Parents sometimes forget that they're an example.

  • Mr. Tullen: [trying to get her out of the tent] Elizabeth, dear, do please come out of there.

    Dr. Tullen: I won't! I don't want to get sunburned.

    Caitlin: [walking closer] If you don't come out, I'm going to tell everyone how old you are.

    [an orange parasol emerges from the tent, followed by Dr. Tullen, looking stunning in a one-piece black swimsuit]

    Mr. Tullen: [taken aback] Well... *that* was certainly worth the wait.

  • Caitlin: Can you imagine being addicted to heroin?

    Lauren: It's heartbreaking.

    Kirstin: But does the weight stay off?

  • Caitlin: Oh Marci, first you lose your mom.

    Kirstin: And then you kill your dad.

  • Caitlin: [out of breath from running] Okay. Okay. That's great. Oh, almost a quarter mile!

  • Caitlin: Marci spent the whole night in jail.

    Kirstin: She did?

    Caitlin: ...with Martha Stewart.

  • Caitlin: I'd kill to dance like that. It's like sex on hardwood.

  • Pierre Dulaine: Do you love to dance?

    Caitlin: Yeah

    Pierre Dulaine: Then you're meant to dance.

  • Caitlin: Mr.Dulaine? Morgan says the kids you teach up town are a bunch of no-talent losers.

    Pierre Dulaine: You cannot always believe what Morgan says.

    Caitlin: I would really like to join them.

  • Caitlin: Look, I want to be here. Not because I'm


    Caitlin: "slumming it", but because I feel better here.

  • Kurd: We don't need any more white bread tourists seeing how the other half lives. We don't.

    Caitlin: White bread? Excuse me, do you own a mirror?

  • LaRhette: You think you one of us now?

    Caitlin: No.

  • Jason Stevens: I don't need his money.

    Caitlin: Yeah, but one can always use some extra walking around money.

    Jason Stevens: Not if I have to sell my soul.

  • Caitlin: [calling on cellphone] So I'm dying to know. What did you get?

    Jason Stevens: Uh, it's complicated, but it involves land, building materials and slave labor.

    Caitlin: They're giving you a shopping mall?

  • Nurse: What is wrong with you people! What's he doing here? I'm calling the police.

    Kyle: Police are dead.

    Caitlin: All of them?

    Kyle: Pretty much.

  • Caitlin: Black cat. Why not?

  • Caitlin: It's okay, Michael. It's okay.

    Michael: Caitlin, come on. It's safe.

    Caitlin: Get out from under the bed. Come on, this is ridiculous.

    Michael: No, you get under here.

    Caitlin: Come on, Michael. Get out from under the bed. There's nothing to worry about.

    Michael: Caitlin, no!

    [strange sounds are heard]

    Caitlin: Okay, let's stay under the bed.

  • Caitlin: I can't believe you came.

    Kyle: That makes two of us.

  • Michael: Toothfairy?

    Caitlin: It's just mommy honey. Go back to sleep...

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