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Cafe Owner Quotes:

  • Sgt. Heppelfinger: We're just a little bit short of cash, see...

    Cafe Owner: Uh, uh.

    Sgt. Heppelfinger: ...or I'd never make you this proposition.

    Cafe Owner: Ho, ho.

    Sgt. Heppelfinger: I was going to save it for the museum, see, but when you're out on a limb you gotta make sacrifices, that's all. You follow me?

    Cafe Owner: I'm ahead of you.

    Sgt. Heppelfinger: I'm gonna let you in on the ground floor of something very, very rare. You remember when General Yamatoho committed hari-kari?

    Cafe Owner: Possibly.

    Sgt. Heppelfinger: I happened to be very close by, see.

    [winks, indicates he pulled out one of Yamatoho's teeth and shows the very large elk's tooth he got from one of the other Marines]

    Cafe Owner: Big man, wasn't he?

    Sgt. Heppelfinger: Immense! This is one of the rarest mementos...

    Cafe Owner: [as he pulls a large Japanese flag out of his coat] You wouldn't like to buy the flag they buried him in, would you? I could let you have it very reasonable.

    [pulls out another flag]

    Cafe Owner: I have it in several sizes.

    [begins to pull other items out of his coat pockets]

    Cafe Owner: MacArthur's suspenders! The first bullet that landed in Pearl Harbor... you can take your pick. A piece of a Japanese submarine.

    [turns the piece of metal over]

    Cafe Owner: If you look at it this way it becomes a German submarine.

    [turns the piece again]

    Cafe Owner: And this way it's a piece of a shell that just missed Montgomery! Here we have the seat of Rommel's pants. And last, but not least, we have a button from Hitler's coat... although that one I don't personally believe.

    Sgt. Heppelfinger: Wise guy.

  • [Tanya and Artyom buy lunch in the cafe with food vouchers]

    Cafe Owner: That's three-eighty-five, please.

    Tanya: [Handing him a food voucher] Five.

    Cafe Owner: OK. Thank you.

    Tanya: My change?

    Cafe Owner: No, we don't give change on vouchers, love.

    Tanya: No?

    Cafe Owner: No, sorry.

    Tanya: [To Artyom] Poydem. (Let's go.)

    Artyom: [Searching through his fish'n'chips with a fork] Where is fish?

    Cafe Owner: What do you expect for five pounds?

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