Cadet Nogata Quotes in Police Academy 3: Back in Training (1986)


Cadet Nogata Quotes:

  • Lieutenant Debbie Callahan: You had impressive moves for a cadet.

    Cadet Nogata: Thank you. You see, it's a matter of the mind being mightier than the bosom.

    Lieutenant Debbie Callahan: Interesting theory.

  • [after he is given courting lessons from Jones, Nogata visits Callahan at her room, holding a rose]

    Cadet Nogata: In my country it is written: only kiss from beautiful woman can compare to a petal of a rose.

    [Nogata looks at his notepad]

    Cadet Nogata: Babe.

    [Callahan grabs Nogata's hand firmly, pulls him into the room, then takes off his dark glasses and her glasses. Nogata stares at Callahan, somewhat scared by her aggressiveness, thinking incorrectly that he made her angry]

    Lieutenant Debbie Callahan: In America, talk is cheap!

    [Callahan grabs Nogata's head, falls backward onto her bed, pulling Nogata on top of her, so his face is buried in her bosom. Callahan is smiling widely]

    Cadet Nogata: I love America!

  • [Capt. Proctor accompanies Cmndt. Mauser as he observes new cadets in a line-up]

    Cmndt. Mauser: ...good tall, good strong. And who might you be?

    Cadet Nogata: Atochigowa Noagata, of Tochigowa, Nogatas. And is this your lovely wife?

    Cmndt. Mauser: Proctor.

    Capt. Proctor: Yes sir.

    Cmndt. Mauser: What's the story here with Fun Manchu?

    Capt. Proctor: Fu Manchu? I don't have a Fu Manchu.

    Cmndt. Mauser: I'm talking about the stir-fried shrimp from outta' town.

    Capt. Proctor: Oh, he's part of an international exchange programme - here to study our methods.

    Cmndt. Mauser: I'm not teaching our cadets how to use a wok.

    Capt. Proctor: Nyuuuugh.

    Cmndt. Mauser: Ship him off to Lassard's academy, he'll fit in perfectly over there. They could use a good sushi chef. No offense, huh?

    Cadet Nogata: Arigatoo, thank you.

    Cmndt. Mauser: Kiss my what?

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