Cable Hogue Quotes in The Ballad of Cable Hogue (1970)


Cable Hogue Quotes:

  • Cable Hogue: Yesterday, I told you I was thirsty and I thought you might turn up some water. Now about sinnin', you just send me a drop or two and I won't do it no more... whatever in hell it was that I did. I mean that, Lord.

  • Reverend Joshua Sloan: Did it ever occur to you, Cable, how wise and bountiful God was to put breasts on a woman? Just the right number in just the right place. Did you ever notice that, Cable?

    Cable Hogue: Well, where in the hell would he put 'em? On their backside?

    Reverend Joshua Sloan: It's a thought.

  • Powell: What's your name?

    Cable Hogue: Cable Hogue.

    Powell: C-A-B... L-E or E-L? How do you spell Cable?

    Cable Hogue: Well, if you're bogging down on Cable, wait till you get to Hogue.

  • Cable Hogue: I always thought you bankers stole for the rich. I didn't know you'd talk to shirttail trash like me.

    Cushing: We don't steal.

    Cable Hogue: Well, lend, borrow, invest and mortgage and repossess. What the hell else do you call it?

  • Cable Hogue: I'll live to spit on your grave!

  • The Stranger: Give me that rifle!

    Cable Hogue: I'll give you what's in it!

  • [Cable's partners have abandoned him in the desert without water]

    Cable Hogue: Ain't had no water since yesterday, Lord. Gettin' a little thirsty. Just thought I'd mention it. Amen.

  • Cable Hogue: Four days without water... if you don't think I've put in my sufferin' time, you oughta try goin' dry for a spell. Listen to me! Listen to me! If I don't get some soon, I ain't gonna have no chance to repent.

  • Reverend Joshua Sloan: Funny thing... it doesn't matter how much or how little you've wandered around... how many women you've been with. Every once in awhile, one of them cuts right through. Right straight into you.

    Cable Hogue: What do you do about it?

    Reverend Joshua Sloan: I suppose maybe when you die you get over it.

  • Cable Hogue: Listen. I was robbed and left to die without a drop. Well, do I look dead? No, sir! Climbed up on my hind feet and walked straight to water. W-A-T-L-E. That sorta grabs you by the sort hairs, don't it?

  • Cable Hogue: Those silly jackasses over there can laugh at me all they want, but they're in a spot of trouble. Now wouldn't you think a stage line could see that? In all the long, wrought out, back-breakin', kidney-shakin', bladder-bustin' miles from here to Lizard, there's not one spot of wet relief for man or beast! Now, if I could bring comfort to the passengers, rest to the teams, food and drink to the drivers, and water to all, well what would be wrong with that? Now listen, there's a preacher out at my diggings. He'll tell you. And you wouldn't doubt a man of the gospel, would you?

    Cushing: Of course! That's the first man I'd doubt.

  • Hildy: You've been awful nice to me, Hogue. Never bothered you none what I am?

    Cable Hogue: Hell no, it never bothered me. I enjoyed it. Now, what the hell are you? Human being. Try the best you can. We all got our own ways of living.

    Hildy: And loving?

    Cable Hogue: Gets mighty lonesome without it.

  • Cable Hogue: If sugar were two cents a barrel, I couldn't afford a pinch of salt and egg to put on it.

  • Reverend Joshua Sloan: Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord.

    Cable Hogue: Well, that's fair enough with me... just as long as he don't take too long and I can watch.

  • Cable Hogue: Josh, it's about time you earned your keep. Preach me a funeral sermon.

    Hildy: Oh, for heaven's sake!

    Cable Hogue: A good one. Don't make me out no saint but don't put me down to deep.

    Reverend Joshua Sloan: You mean now?

    Cable Hogue: Yeah. It's not knowing what they're going to say about you, that's all. Now all my life, I've been scared of this living. Now... got to do the other. Now come on now! I can't wait all day. I ain't got any time.

  • [collapse from thirst]

    Cable Hogue: Lord, you call it. I'm just plain done in. Amen.

    [glances at his boot and sees that it's caked with mud, then scrapes around in the sand until he locates a small spring]

    Cable Hogue: Told you I was gonna live. This is Cable Hogue talkin'! Hogue! Me! Cable Hogue! Hogue... me... me... I did it... Cable Hogue... I found it... me...

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