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Byron Quotes:

  • Byron: Welcome to Alien Records. How are things, kid?

    Brodie: Things are shitty.

  • Byron: You know I don't like back tracking.

    Victor: Yeah, we're highly opposed to backtracking.

    Xavier 'X': My fault. Look, I'll just bring em out at night next time.

    Byron: Bring 'em out at night? No, you ain't gonna just bring 'em out at night next time. What, so the German shepherd and the pit bull puppies could snatch the bag outta there and have empty diapers and cigarette wrappers and Snickers wrappers and Stayfree boxes laid all out in the middle of the street?

    Victor: Yeah. Then the neighbors call in down to the plant complainin'. Talkin' about how we didn't do our job correctly.

    Byron: And then we get complaints and warnings from our boss.

    Victor: Then after the warning comes a demerit., And when you get to three demerits, you know what happens then?... A nigger lose his job! His house! His family! Get kicked out of church 'cause you no longer got money for the collection plate. They want you out. All because you bringin' out the garbage late.

    Byron: That's right. And i'm tellin' you straight up, man, if i lose my job, man you're gonna put on a little Evel Knievel suit and sell some dimes and nicks on a Big Wheel. you're gonna get my money some kinda way!

    Victor: Yea, Then, 'cause of our rock-hard bodies we developed from liftin' trash

    Byron: Right.

    Victor: We end up in the alley as prostitutes.

    Byron: Righ...

    Victor: [looks at Byron] Yeah, that's right! You too!

    Byron: I don't know about all that.

    Victor: Yeah it could happen. You end up in the alley with the shirt off, sweaty. Sellin'. Not for money! Just for a bite off the man's hamburger.

    Byron: The point is we tryin' to make: Don't mess with the Department of Sanitation or you will come up dirty!

  • Byron: I do think I'm a pretty good rebound guy.

  • Byron: I'm out at sea three weeks out of every month, and when I'm back at port I don't have time for this daddy stuff 'cause that's not who I am.

    Young Zack: That's okay, sir

    Byron: Wait a second, kid, you don't understand. I'm too old for this. I don't care what the Navy says. This is no place to bring up a kid like I told you on the telephone. You're better off at that state school back in Virginia.

    Young Zack: I'm never going back there. They treat me like shit.

    Byron: Maybe that's not for you to say. Goddamit, don't look at me that way. What happened to your mother had nothing to do with me.

    Young Zack: It did. You said you were gonna come back. You promised.

    Byron: Is that what she said? That's a female lie. That's bullshit! That's a lie!

    Young Zack: I found your letters. I read them right after she did it. You said you were gonna come back for us. You said you loved her, and she believed you. You're a liar!

  • [first lines]

    Mayo: [whispered to sleeping father] Hey.

    [flashback to Manila]

    Byron: Hey, kid! Are you Zack?

    Young Zack: Yes, sir.

    Byron: I'm Byron; nice to meet you. Come on, let's get your bags, OK?

    Young Zack: Yes, sir.

  • Byron: The people come here, Michael, to look for aliens, ghosts, and cults, and gateways to hell, secret military bases looking into other dimensions. I think, if there IS something, it is not none of these things - or perhaps all of them.

  • Byron: How does an isolated tribesman in Ecuador know the difference between an alien, an angel, and a ghost?

    Michael Danube: I have no idea.

    Byron: He doesn't, but he tells a story to make sense of the infinite.

  • Byron: And here I thought you that contradiction in terms: an intelligent woman!

  • Claire Clairmont: What's the first course?

    Byron: Your lips.

    Claire Clairmont: Second course?

    Byron: Your body.

    Claire Clairmont: Dessert?

    Byron: Your soul!

  • [Byron shows Dr. Martin the dolls he's been making]

    Byron: These are not ordinary figures. The eyes were made to see. Inside each skull is a perfectly proportioned brain, perfectly capable of functioning.

    Dr. Martin: You talk about them as if they were alive.

    Byron: Hm. That's the final step.

  • Lynette: So that's what those things are? They's vampires?

    Byron: No, I already told ya, they're genetically enhanced fang bots made by the government!

    Lynette: Then why come that's one we saw stuck out in the daytime 'splode up when the daylight hit 'em?

    Byron: That was just a coincidence. What happened was we got too close to his special robot secrets.

    [to Bone]

    Byron: And I'm tellin' ya, trying to run durin' the day is a death sentence! They can see ya more clearly!

    Bone: [to Carrie] So, sunrise. That cool?

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