Buster Quotes in We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story (1993)


Buster Quotes:

  • Buster: Hey, aren't you a dinosaur?

    Rex: Why, yes. From tooth to toe, I am.

    Buster: Then, what are you doin' playing golf?

    Rex: I'm smart, Buster. I'm a smart dinosaur. But... I wasn't always.

    Buster: You weren't?

    Rex: Oh, no. I started off stupid and violent.

    Buster: You DID?

    Rex: This was a long time ago, you understand? A LONG time ago. I was a real terror then. I was a real animal. And I was hungry, ALL the time!

  • [English version]

    [after electrocuting two men and two dogs]

    Buster: Even the most gentle dog has his limits.

  • [English version]

    [the machine makes animals out of sausages]

    Mouse: It's the only way out.

    Buster: Through the machine?

    [to Tortellini]

    Buster: You be our scout - you go first.

    Tortellini: Why me?

    Gwendolen: Didn't I hear you say you're our leader?

  • Rasputia: [after Norbit discovers Buster and Rasputia in bed] Norbit, Buster is a guest in our home! How dare you insinuate something like that?

    Buster: Yeah, ORBIT! How dare you insinuate something such like that! You know, I am actually offended by your accu-si-sation!

  • Buster: [to a Japanese worker] Yo, made in Japan!

  • Buster: [watching the Japanese workers come to the baseball field in their uniforms] They look like the Yankees. I hate 'em already.

  • Buster: Where's the fire? Up there there's a fire down here, they said.

    Cop: In which house?

    Buster: No! It's not in a which house... it's in a warehouse!

    Cop: Now... where is it?

    Buster: Where's what?

    Cop: Where's the which house? I mean... which's the warehouse?

    Buster: Which warehouse... where?

  • Buster: Aren't the Yankees playing today?

    Yankee Stadium Groundskeeper: Sure... in St. Louis!

  • Buster: This is *my* dressing room!

    Man in Bath-House: Shut up... or it'll be your coffin!

  • Buster: I just killed my wife. Is that bad?

    Leland: Hey, these things happen.

  • Buster: [digging grave of botched abortion victim] What did she die of?

    Dr. Wilbur Larch: She died of secrecy. She died of... ignorance. Homer, did you expect to be responsible for their children, you have to give them the right to decide whether or not to have children. Wouldn't you agree?

    Homer: I'm not excepting people to be responsible enough to control themselves to begin with.

  • Buster: I'm sorry for yelling at you.

    Claris Manning: No, you're not! Tell me the truth. Why did you come here into my room?

    Buster: I want to know how much I'll inherit when you die.

    Claris Manning: I haven't made a will.

    Buster: Don't you think that's dangerous? Someone in this family might kill you. Then what would you do?

    Claris Manning: I know what I am doing. I'm a very shrewd cookie.

    Buster: What do you mean by that?

    Claris Manning: You'll lay awake tonight, trying to figure that out.

  • Claris Manning: Do you know how many letters I've gotten about you?

    Buster: I don't know what you're talking about.

    Claris Manning: Like hell you don't!

    [she picks up a stack of letters and throws them on the floor]

    Claris Manning: Would you care to read some? They're very intresting.

    Buster: I don't want to see them.

    Claris Manning: Of course you don't! They're not very nice to look at! I've gotten at least three for every year you've been away!

    Buster: You wouldn't have gotten them if you hadn't sent me away.

    Claris Manning: The best thing I ever did was send you to military school and out of my life! You're such a little bastard!

    Buster: Well, we all know what that makes you, don't we?

    [Claris wheels up to Buster and violently slaps him across his face]

    Buster: [sarcastic] Thanks, Mother. I needed that.

    Claris Manning: You're a bad seed! The whole bunch of you are bad seeds!

    Buster: A bad seed comes from a diseased plant.

  • Claris Manning: What's the matter with you? I think you should see a psychiatrist. You're a very sick little boy!

    Buster: I'm not sick! It's the whole world that's sick! It's a terrible place to live. People know nothing but hatred and deceit. I try to go to them with love and I get nothing in return. I ask for nothing more than you'd give a dog and I get kicked every time. Why is it, Mother, that I can't have any peace?

    Claris Manning: You'll never have peace as long as you're alive!

    Buster: Why? Why can't I?

    Claris Manning: Did you ever give me peace?

    [Claris picks up the letters from the floor and opens one of them]

    Claris Manning: Five years ago, you were thrown out of St. Thomas' Academy for having abnormal relations with another boy.

    Buster: You can blame Matthew for that.

    Claris Manning: [picks up another letter] Four years ago, it was that school in Georgia. "My dear Mrs. Manning, this afternoon I received a letter that was confiscated from your son in history class. This letter seems to be some sort of blackmail against one of your son's classmates".

    Buster: [covers his ears] Stop! Stop it! I don't want to hear anymore!

    Claris Manning: Oh, you don't? But I have the whole floor full! Here's another one. This one's from the Benedictine school for boys. It seems they couldn't pin down the fires that have been started around the school and the evidence points at you. So they asked me to remove you. Remember, darling?

    Buster: You bitch! You're such a vile bitch!

    Claris Manning: That's right, and I'm proud of it! However, you can't stand the truth! It's like sunlight to your darkness!

    [picks up another letter]

    Claris Manning: This one's from the military school you went to last year. This one tells about how you almost drowned one of your students and then locked yourself in the bathroom of your dorm room. They had to break down the door. Then you tried to slash your wrists.

    [she grabes his hands and looks at the faint scars across the wrists]

    Claris Manning: There's hardly a trace. You didn't try very hard. Was it just to get attention? Why don't you try harder next time? Or won't there be a next time?

    Buster: [hysterical] I won't hear anymore! I can't hear anymore! I don't want to hear! I won't! I hate you! Leave me alone! I don't want to hear!

    [Buster runs out]

    Claris Manning: [screaming] Go on! Run! Run all your life, you queer! You'll never escape! Run, run, run!

  • Buster: [offering Reardon a cigarette from his mouth in the prison yard] Here you are.

    Buster: [Reardon hesitates] Take it. I've only got syph.

    Joseph Rearden: What're you in for?

    Buster: Mopery.

    Buster: [Reardon turns around] Exposing yourself to a blind woman.

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