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Bunny Smith Quotes:

  • Martin X. Edley: [open's hotel room door] Well, Angel Face, come into my parlor.

    Bunny Smith: Yes, Mr Spider.

  • Bunny Smith: Listen to this one, "Fourteen rooms. Five baths. Solarium. Terrace. One of New York's most exclusive Park Avenue residences. $14,000 annually."

    Kate Douglas: What? No bowling alley?

    Bunny Smith: Nope.

  • Captain James Hollis: I wonder if you could tell me where I - could find a - Notary Public?

    Bunny Smith: Well, I'm one.

    Captain James Hollis: You are? Why, I thought you'd be sort of, sort of an oldish gentlemen, with glasses and false teeth that click and a black string tie.

    Bunny Smith: He forecloses mortgages. A Notary Public can be either male or female. Over 21. You must be bonded. Must have stamp and stamp pad. Mustn't let the license run out.

  • Captain James Hollis: Bunny?

    Bunny Smith: It's a silly name isn't it? I was christened - Bernardine. But, I never could pronounce the darn thing. Still can't. When I was a kid they'd always ask, "And what is your name?" And I would say, "My name is Bunny."

    Captain James Hollis: [laughs] Do that again.

  • Captain James Hollis: You're pretty business-like, aren't you?

    Bunny Smith: Well, you have to be in my business or it'll break your heart.

  • Bunny Smith: I was born in New York on Tenth Avenue. We call it Double Fifth.

    Captain James Hollis: I don't think I know that street.

    Bunny Smith: Well, you haven't missed anything. It's no Park Avenue. Mama always said we'd move someday, but, we didn't.

    Captain James Hollis: You-you like Park Avenue?

    Bunny Smith: Well, I like what it means.

    Captain James Hollis: What does it mean?

    Bunny Smith: That I'm on my way.

    Captain James Hollis: Well, where are you headin' for?

    Bunny Smith: As far away from Double Fifth as I can get.

  • Martin X. Edley: I'm going to transfer my headquarters to New York. I'm going to get myself a swell apartment.

    Bunny Smith: You are?

    Martin X. Edley: Of course, I won't be here all the time. I just come and go, you understand. Now, Bunny, I need someone in town to take care of my private affairs. You know, entertain my friends and business acquaintances. Somebody easy to look at. Smart, like you. You know what I mean?

    Bunny Smith: Yes and no.

    Martin X. Edley: Like a confidential secretary.

  • Martin X. Edley: I'm a businessman. I made you an offer and you turned it down.

    Bunny Smith: I didn't turn it down. I just can't make it - tonight.

    Martin X. Edley: You start tonight or you don't start at all. Now, what do you say?

  • Captain James Hollis: If we were in Jasmine now, I'd make you the best barbecue dinner you ever ate. And we'd eat out under the stars, big, big chunky stars. Not like these. It gets pretty hot back there in the Summer and folks in Jasmine generally do their cooking outdoors. Kitchens get so hot.

    Bunny Smith: No hotter than the kitchens in Double Fifth. Only when it gets too hot, we go to the delicatessen, get some hot dogs and potato salad and coke. Then the cops open the hydrants and kids splash around. The radios go all night. The firemen sit outside the firehouse in their undershirts.

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