Bulldog Quotes in Transformers: The Last Knight (2017)


Bulldog Quotes:

  • Sir Edmund Burton: [after Bulldog fires a warning shot at Cade and co] We have guests! What's wrong with you?

    Bulldog: I got bits falling off!

    Bumblebee: [Through radio] What the hell?

    Sir Edmund Burton: I'm awfully sorry about that but, you see, he still thinks it's 1918 or 1915, 'Robot Dementia'. It's not all pretty.

    Cade Yeager: Are you dragging me into some transformer retirement home?

    Cogman: Mm-hmm!

    Cade Yeager: Somebody better start talking or I'm outta here!

    Sir Edmund Burton: Yes, but you want to know, don't you? why they keep coming here. to earth, right?

    [Hot Rod is seen speeding down the lane]

    Sir Edmund Burton: Ah, I do so love perfect timing!

    [Hot Rod transforms and throws out Vivian, she tries to attack him]

    Hot Rod: Little lady, no!

    [Gets hit by the club, the golf head coming off on impact]

    Hot Rod: Ow!

    Cade Yeager: So, is this a kidnapping sort of situation or her first Transformer experience?

    Sir Edmund Burton: Well, it's both really.

    Hot Rod: She's very difficult!

  • Bulldog: I'm sorry, did you say your name was El Chupacabra or El "Cuckoo"-cabra?

    El Chupacabra: You make joke?


    El Chupacabra: You make joke? Very well... you leave me no choice! I swish my cape at you! You have been shamed.

    [rolls away]

    Bulldog: I hope I can get over it... Oh, I just did.

  • [Dusty helps a blinded Bulldog through the race lap]

    Bulldog: [eyes getting cleaned] Thanks for your help, matey! I couldn't have done it without...

    [sees it was Dusty who helped him]

    Bulldog: ...you? YOU saved me?... What did I tell you, boy? Every plane for himself, right?

    Dusty Crophopper: Where I come from, if you see a plane falling from the sky...

    Bulldog: Yes, but this is a COMPETITION! And now you're dead last!... And I owe you my life.

    [starts to sob]

    Dusty Crophopper: Bulldog, are you crying?

    Bulldog: I don't cry, I'm British!... Thanks, matey.

  • Bulldog: You're a good ace, Dusty! Here's a satellite device in case you're lost without... without a friend to help you out.

  • Meowrice: [after his henchcats run into a bulldog while chasing Mewsette] Get rid of that dog, you bumbling idiots!

    Bulldog: Your whiskers tickle cats, and since I can't stand to be tickled by no cats I'm going to tear your tails off and have 'em for breakfast.

    Meowrice: [Pleading with him] I understand you're feelings, sir, nothing like cats tails for breakfast

    [Motioning towards Mewsette]

    Meowrice: but back there among those barrels is a...

    [the bulldog growls at him and chases him and the henchcats]

    Meowrice: Please let's talk this over.

  • Ball: What you sayin'? We dead, motherfucker?

    Mr. Simms: VERY!

    Bulldog: Motherfucker bullshit! If we dead then what we doin' in a funeral home with your crazy ass?

    Mr. Simms: This ain't no funeral home! It ain't the Terror Dome, neither! Welcome to Hell, motherfuckers!

  • Bulldog: Hey, wait a minute. You got your gat, man

    Stack: Yeah, I got my shit.

    Bulldog: Well if a dead mothafucka come fuckin' wit you, you kill his ass. Ya understand me?

    Stack: Yo hold up, Bulldog. How'm I supposed to kill somthin' that's already dead, man?

    Bulldog: WHAT?

    Stack: Yeah, how'm I supposed to kill somthin' that's already dead? That's like killin' some shit twice, man.

    Ball: Yeah, like some refried beans 'n some shit. Man, I never understood that, man. Why the FUCK you gonna refry some beans, man? Why not just fry that shit right the first time, and get out?

  • Bulldog: Really, though.

  • Bulldog: You know I'm very disappointed in this place. In all respectable desert islands I've read about they've got everything except for electricity. Here we've got coconuts and water.

  • Bulldog: How much water do we have left?

    Sister Therese: Enough for three days.

    Bulldog: In three days we shall kill a man and drink his blood!

  • Michael Cannon: [as they are being pushed off from the side of the Japanese submarine] Hey, wait a minute! What's our position? Where's the nearest land?

    Submarine Interpreter: [with a wave of his hand] There is land "all around."

    Bulldog: How long to reach it?

    Submarine Interpreter: Empty your minds. You must learn to eat time.

    Sister Therese: [repeats his words] "You must learn... to eat time."

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