Buford Pusser Quotes in Walking Tall Part II (1975)


Buford Pusser Quotes:

  • Buford Pusser: [to his dad] My children are motherless because of the man at the top!

  • Buford Pusser: [Pinky has wrecked his boat] Well... I told ya to stop.

  • Buford Pusser: [Exiting the boarding house] Grady, remember a man who came down to shake my hand when I was first elected sheriff?... WItter, John Witter?

    Grady Coker: Which one of them was he?

    Buford Pusser: Fat man... From Nashville.

    Grady Coker: Yeah... I remember him.

    Buford Pusser: Yeah... I'd almost forgotten about him.

    [last lines]

  • Obra Eaker: [to Buford After destroying then impounding Stud's car] I wanna tell you something.

    Buford Pusser: What?

    Obra Eaker: You're my kind of sheriff... That's it, you're my kind of sheriff.

    Buford Pusser: Obra, you're a fair to middlin' deputy.

  • Bulow: [Buford walk into the 3 Deuces Bar] I'll be goddamned!... If it isn't Buford Pussy?

    Buford Pusser: Buford who?

    Bulow: Pussy.

    Buford Pusser: Ya know... You got some trouble with one of them words,

    Bulow: I've had trouble with those words...

    [takes out false teeth]

    Bulow: ...ever since you smashed me in the mouth with that tree trunk you used to carry around with you.

    Buford Pusser: I still got it.

  • Buford Pusser: [opening narration] I had to stand up for myself alone, and you saw what they did to me... Until all men can stand up for what they believe in, THE SAME DAMN THING CAN HAPPEN TO ANY ONE OF YOU!

  • Robbie Teal: Are you going to send me to jail, Sheriff?

    Buford Pusser: No son, I'm not

  • Buford Pusser: I keep telling people 'Don't call me anymore, I'm not the sheriff'.

  • O.Q. Teal: You had no right to take a child away from his father, and put him in an orphanage!

    Buford Pusser: You were an unfit parent!

  • Martin French: Do the words "cruel and unusual punishment" mean anything to you?

    Buford Pusser: Damn right they do!... Why don't you explain those words to O.Q. Teal's little boy?

  • Buford Pusser: [to French about O.Q. Teal] I might add I've seen better looking behinds on a hog.

  • Buford Pusser: When did they let you out of prison, O.Q.?

    O.Q. Teal: I don't think that's any of your business, sheriff!... Oh, cause you ain't the sheriff anymore.

  • Buford Pusser: [to Dwana at the fair] Good times are just beginning... I can promise you that.

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