Bucky Quotes in G-Force (2009)


Bucky Quotes:

  • Hurley: Don't pay any attention to him. He's a quarter ferret.

    Bucky: I have no ferret in me, Hurley. That has never been proven.

    Hurley: Then why are you marked down?

    Bucky: I'm on sale! Everyone goes on sale eventually.

    Hurley: This should come as a surprise, but he grew up in the psych ward at UCLA.

  • Mice: Yipee, the circus.

    Bucky: I hate the circus!

  • Bucky: We all agreed this was my zone right.

    mice: rRght.

    Bucky: Bucky the mice will agree to anything,you guys are all idiots right.

    mice: Right.

  • RJ: [Lays down some Monopoly play pieces to signify what they will do] Okay, this is us.

    Hammy the Squirrel: Can I be the car?

    Bucky: I wanna be the car!

    Spike: I'm the car. You be the shoe.

    Bucky: The shoe is lame.

    Lou: Why don't you be that snazzy-looking iron there?

    RJ: Hey! It's not important. Besides, I'm the car. I'm *always* the car.

  • Bucky: [while driving the van, the others are arguing] Hey, no fighting while we're driving!

    Spike: We will turn this car around, mister!


    Lou: [points at Verne] He started it.

  • BuckySpikeQuillo: [driving a van] It's just like Auto Homicide 3!

  • Bucky: Such a fuss, when everything we want is right in front of us the whole time...

  • Bucky: That feeling like you've landed in the wrong life. Everybody feels that way.

  • Bucky: What do we do *now*?

    Dumb Donald: I don't know.

    Bucky: I *know* you don't know, I wasn't talking to you.

    Dumb Donald: I wasn't talking to *you*.

    Bucky: Then who *were* you talking to?

    Dumb Donald: I thought I was talking to *her*.

    Bill: Guys, cut it out.

  • Bill: Look!

    [Bill, Fat Albert, Dumb Donald, Bucky, Rudy, Mushmouth and Old Weird Harold run across a street and look at a poster in a video store window which reads: "Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids! Own the complete collection on DVD!"]

    Bill: See? THAT'S who we are.

    Rudy: Yeah, and we're coming out on "divda."

    Bucky: What's "divda?"

    Dumb Donald: I don't know.

    Bucky: I...

    Bill: Don't start! We don't belong here.

  • Poster in Video Store window: Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids! Coming soon on DVD.

    Bill: Look. *That's* who we are.

    Rudy: Yeah, and it says we're coming out on dividee.

    Bucky: What's dividee

    Dumb Donald: I don't know.

    Bucky: I know you don't know, I wasn't talking to you.

    Dumb Donald: I wasn't talking to you.

    Bill: Guys, cut it out.

  • Franklin: We've got a ferris wheel, tilt-a-whirl, bumper cars.

    Bucky: I like bumper cars.

    Franklin: Actually it's bumper *car*, the bank repossessed the rest of them.

  • Daniel: Believe me, Hammerman's is better than mud.

    Bucky: Is that gonna be your new Hammerman's slogan, Dad?

  • [Kayla slaps Bucky]

    Kayla: BUCKY!

    Bucky: What? I thought you were scared, so I grabbed you shoulder.

    Kayla: That *wasn't* my *shoulder*.

  • Andrew: I want to be the hostage!

    Kayla: How come I never get to be the hostage?

    Travis: That's because you're a girl.

    Bucky: Hey, girls can be hostages, too. I mean, we're moving toward the twenty-first century and girls can be whatever they want.

    Kayla: Right on, sister.

    Daniel: Ok, quiet down or nobody gets to be the hostage!

    Bucky: Well, that made sense, dad.

  • Bucky: Don't fuck around.

  • Bucky: Okay, what do you want, and let's speak candidly here cause I have this credo, that I live by...

    Philly: Don't fuck around, friend!

    Bucky: Oh, give this man a cigar that's my motto! You want some dough the bakery's open.

  • [repeated line]

    Bucky: Oh, crap.

  • Bucky: I read the script, and it doesn't say anything about this cowboy getting shot!

  • Sugar Wolf: Okay, Bucky, that's it, friend. You're hired, partner. Welcome aboard. You're gonna be on guard from dusk 'til dawn right here in the jailhouse.

    Bucky: Oh, that's some great news, sheriff. Now I just have one question, all right, does that include not getting shot?

    [Sugar pimpslaps him]

    Bucky: Oh, crap!

    Sugar Wolf: Why, of course not, Bucky. Don't be stupid. No deputy nighttime watchman of mine is ever gonna get shot.

    Bucky: Oh, I'm not bein' stupid, I'm just wondering how do I know I'm not gonna get shot?

    Sugar Wolf: Well, Bucky, I'll make you one simple promise: if you get shot and die, I'll double your paycheck.

    Bucky: Oh, man, that is great, sheriff! You got yourself a deal!

    [both stand and shake hands]

  • Bucky: [being held at gunpoint by Stank, Poot and Hack] Guys, what about me? Can I go? These guys are going.

    Raw Stank: No, we gon' keep yo' ass to send a motherfuckin' message to Sugar Waffle!

    Bucky: Oh, that's great news! I take good dictation!

    Dusty Poot: Good! Well, tell him we said this, bitch!

    [the three open fire]

  • [About Don Toland, an unscrupulous horse owner]

    Bucky: He's the biggest unhung crook south of the border.

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