Bruno Buckingham Quotes in Wild Side (1995)


Bruno Buckingham Quotes:

  • Bruno Buckingham: I have contempt for money.

    Alex Lee: What, yours or mine?

  • Bruno Buckingham: You know what a Trojan was? A Trojan was a warrior. A man of honor. Never would a Trojan betray an enemy, let alone a friend.

  • Bruno Buckingham: Women... With 'em, without 'em, who can live?

  • Bruno Buckingham: [after Tony tries to rape Alex] You get up. Drop your pants.

    Alex Lee: [standing up] No. No!

    Bruno Buckingham: Sit! Did I say you could leave? Sit.

    Tony: Oh, fuck it. Let her go. Come on. Let her go. She can check on Virginia. Look, what's the point, OK?

    Bruno Buckingham: The point is, she stays. She leaves, I blow your genitalia *off*. That's the point, OK? It's the lady's choice.

  • Bruno Buckingham: [after his girlfriend finds him in Alex's hotel having sex with Tony] Virginia, wait, wait. It's not what you think.

    Virginia Chow: Whore.

    Bruno Buckingham: [thinking she means Alex] I know, honey. She's outrageous. I can't believe I'm paying for this.

    Virginia Chow: Not her. You, pig.

  • Bruno Buckingham: You always said you'd take a bullet for me. Here, take three.

  • Bruno Buckingham: Tony, this is not about sex. This is about power. I need to do this to disgust MYSELF, to become selfless in the name of... love.

    Alex Lee: Love?

    Bruno Buckingham: There, I said it.

    Alex Lee: You're gonna fuck your chauffeur to prove you love me?

    Bruno Buckingham: You see? The woman is smart.

  • Bruno Buckingham: Let him fly, let her fly, let 'em all fly!

  • Bruno Buckingham: [pointing the gun at Tony's head] I was thinking about letting you fly. But then I thought... fuck it.

  • Bruno Buckingham: You know what you get for rape? Ten years in a cell! With a gorilla! With a PSYCHO gorilla!

  • Bruno Buckingham: Now off with the Calvins.

  • Bruno Buckingham: I'm too old to be chasin' money like it was snatch.

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