Bruce Templeton Quotes in The Glass Bottom Boat (1966)


Bruce Templeton Quotes:

  • Bruce Templeton: This vault of 10-inch steel plate will open only to the frequency of my own voice repeating this equation: G for gamma, B for beta, A for alpha, Omega for open sesame.

  • Edgar Hill: I want to talk to you a minute. Those phone calls, there is no question about it. She's an agent, operating for the...

    Bruce Templeton: She's no more an agent than you are! And if you're the best the CIA can come up with, this country is in big trouble!

    Edgar Hill: Now look here! We'll have to detain her.

    Bruce Templeton: Mrs Nelson can leave here whenever she wishes!

    Edgar Hill: What's that noise?

    Bruce Templeton: What? Oh, well I locked her in the closet.

  • Jennifer Nelson: Hey! What in heavens name do you think you're doing?

    Bruce Templeton: You talkin' to me?

    Jennifer Nelson: Yes I'm talking to you! That's my suit on your line!

    Bruce Templeton: Oh I'm sorry... that's a funny looking suit.

    Jennifer Nelson: It's my mermaid tail. and would you please throw it back?

    Bruce Templeton: Well it's kind of difficult. it's all tangled. Why don't you come aboard, and I'll untangle it for you

    Jennifer Nelson: Well THAT's a little difficult too, since I'm BOTTOMLESS!

  • Bruce Templeton: Hey! You're the mermaid

    Jennifer Nelson: Yes, I'm the mermaid

    Bruce Templeton: Didn't recognize you with your clothes on.

  • Jennifer Nelson: Aaah! Aaah! Who are you? Who is he?

    Bruce Templeton: Zack Malloy, my partner. He drops in every now and then to molest women.

  • Jennifer Nelson: That sign over there, that says "No Fishing".

    Bruce Templeton: I wasn't exactly fishing.

    Jennifer Nelson: Then what were you doing?

    Bruce Templeton: Maybe I was hunting for mermaids.

  • Jennifer Nelson: I'm going to have you arrested.

    Bruce Templeton: They're going to have you arrested, for going around without your bottom.

  • Bruce Templeton: We never did get to introduce ourselves did we?

    Jennifer Nelson: Well let's leave it that way, shall we?

  • Bruce Templeton: It just seems I know owe you one shoe and one mermaid's tail.

  • Bruce Templeton: Are you or are you not the girl in the glass bottom boat?

    Jennifer Nelson: I are ?

  • Bruce Templeton: ...And I'm partial to blonde foreign agents. Is that it?

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