Brom Quotes in Eragon (2006)


Brom Quotes:

  • Brom: That's the spirit - one part brave, three parts fool.

  • [first lines]

    Brom: [narrating] There was a time when the fierce and beautiful land of Alagaƫsia was ruled by men astride mighty dragons. To protect and serve was their mission, and for thousands of years, the people prospered. But the Riders grew arrogant, and began to fight among themselves for power. Sensing their weakness, a young Rider named Galbatorix betrayed them, and in a single bloody battle, believed he had killed them all, Riders and dragons alike. Since then, our land has been ruled by Galbatorix. He crushed all rebellion, including the freedom fighters known as the Varden. Those that survived fled to the mountains. There, they hoped for a miracle that might even their odds against the king. Our story begins one night, as Arya, an ally of the Varden, rides for her life, carrying a stone stolen from the king himself.

  • Brom: A Rider can live on if his dragon is killed. But if he is killed...

    Saphira: [solemnly] So is his dragon...

  • Eragon: What did you just do? There!


    Eragon: What did you just do?

    Brom: I... started a fire.

  • Brom: I always say, better ask forgiveness than permission.

  • Eragon: Don't dragons breathe fire?

    Brom: She's not old enough to sustain a flame.

    Saphira: Lucky for you.

  • Brom: The thing is the word. Know the word, and you control the thing.

  • Brom: My story was about you, Eragon! It is your fate to be a Dragon Rider. The Varden need a Rider if they are to defeat Durza and the king.

    Eragon: I didn't ask for any of this!

    Brom: But you were chosen, nevertheless. A dragon will only hatch if it feels the presence of its Rider. It'll wait forever if it has to, but now it's found you. It'll serve you and only you, and that's put your life in danger.

  • Eragon: Why can't we take them?

    Brom: Quiet! You're not ready to take anything yet.

    Eragon: I have skills! I can fight. My cousin Roran and I, we've trained, with swords!

    Brom: Well, then, perhaps I've underestimated you. Right then, let's see these skills of yours.

    Eragon: This won't be fair to you, old man.

    Brom: Humor me.

    [Brom hits Eragon down immediately]

    Brom: Oh dear, I see the effect of your training.

    [shouting out instructions as Eragon improves]

    Brom: Good, good! Don't get overconfident! It won't be your cousin Roran you're fighting, and it won't be with wooden staves, either.

  • Brom: [as the soldiers walk away with his dead hens] Take care of the little bones. Hate to see you choke.

  • Brom: I hardly think a boy of 15, 16...

    Eragon: Seventeen!

    Brom: Seventeen, forgive me. But I hardly think a boy of SEVENTEEN could handle it.

  • Eragon: [folds arms] So where's your dragon?

    Brom: [bluntly] Dead.

  • Sergeant: Now where did a fool like you find such an appetizing string of jewels?

    Brom: Interesting you should ask.

    Sergeant: [Unsheathing sword and pointing it at Brom's throat] Is that right?

    Brom: I was walking up the lane the other day admiring them sitting on the branch. Clap o' thunder, they fell off, dead at me feet. So I thought, 'oh, well can't leave them there. Someone might trip.' So I hung 'em up there ou' of the way.

    Sergeant: You know what I think?

    Brom: What's that?

    Sergeant: I think your a theif.

    Brom: [Looking hurt] Ooh.

    Sergeant: A poacher.

    Brom: Oh ,no

    Sergeant: I confiscate them all in the name of the king!

    [Kicks out bucket Brom is sitting on]

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