Britt Reid Quotes in The Green Hornet (2011)


Britt Reid Quotes:

  • Britt Reid: Kato, I want you to take my hand, and I want you to come with me on this adventure.

    Kato: I go with you, but I don't want to touch you.

  • Kato: You shot yourself face by mistake.

    Britt Reid: How long was I out? What time is it?

    Kato: Two o'clock.

    Britt Reid: Oh, that's not so bad.

    Kato: On Thursday.

    Britt Reid: It's Thursday? Are you ki... It's not Monday right now?

    Kato: No. I'm sorry.

    Britt Reid: Did you put this diaper on me? Well, what did I miss?

    Kato: Nothing really. I did some work on the Black Beauties.

    Britt Reid: "Beauties"?

    [Britt looks in the garage, sees more "Black Beauty" Chrysler Imperials]

    Britt Reid: Holy crap.

    Kato: They're backups.

    Britt Reid: How the hell did you do this in four days?

    Kato: It's been 11 days.

    Britt Reid: Whoa, 11 days? What? Are kidding me? I wasn't sleeping, I was in a coma, dick!

  • Britt Reid: It's not dying that you need be afraid of, it's never having lived in the first place.

  • Lenore Case: I'm only thirty six.

    Britt Reid: Thirty six? Holy shit, I had no idea. I thought you were 31, tops. I don't even know if I can hire a thirty six year old. We'll have to build a ramp, huh?

  • [last lines]

    Britt Reid: The Green Hornet. His reliable partner, the Blue Wombat.

    Kato: [smacks him]

    Britt Reid: Oh! Oh, man. Okay, how about, um, the Red Hippopotamus? No? Not Red Hippopotamus?

    Kato: Hippos are not red.

    Britt Reid: I know. Hornets aren't green. Who cares? The, uh, Orange Albatross.

  • Britt Reid: What did you think of my father?

    Kato: He was fine.

    Britt Reid: Come on. Just tell me.

    Kato: He was my boss. Nobody loves their boss.

    Britt Reid: Don't sugarcoat this, Kato. You're not gonna offend me. Just tell me, man to man.

    Kato: He was a bit of a dick.

  • Kato: I was born in Shanghai. You know Shanghai?

    Britt Reid: I love Japan.

  • [repeated line]

    Britt Reid: Let's roll, Kato!

  • Lenore Case: If you ever so much as look at my ass again...

    Britt Reid: I can't even see your ass.

    Lenore Case: I will sue you for sexual harassment. Do you understand?

    Britt Reid: Hugs?

    Lenore Case: [slams her door in his face]

  • Britt Reid: You know what you are. You're a human Swiss army knife.

    Kato: I don't know what's that mean?

    Britt Reid: It's a little things, and you keep pulling out things, and just when you think there couldn't be any more cool things, a new cool thing comes out, and that's you! You are even dressed like one. You should have a little plus on your chest.

  • Kato: But it's okay now, I fixed the Hornet gas. The gas only lasts one hour.

    Britt Reid: Can I see it?

    Kato: Okay, but be careful this time. Okay?

    Britt Reid: I just want to look at it. Just give it to me for one second...

    [shoots the Hornet gas in Kato's face]

    Britt Reid: See you in an hour.

  • Britt Reid: Kato, we have a secret mission.

  • Mike Axford: You are blowing this guy completely out of proportion.

    Britt Reid: I will blow this guy in any proportion I want!

  • Britt Reid: [grabs a gangster, trying to find out who the gang works for] Who do you work... for...?

  • Britt Reid: Girls are a drag. I'm so glad we have each other Kato.

  • Britt Reid: Everyone knows, when you corner a hornet, you get stung.

  • Kato: You like your father now?

    Britt Reid: Yes! You see, he wasn't a dick after all. Well, he was a dick, just not really how we thought he was.

  • Britt Reid: [Britt is getting back at his father by severing his dead father's statue's head] Do you it makes me happy to do this, dad?

  • Britt Reid: You're a rotten shot, Michael!

    Michael Axford: Ah, 'tis this reconditioned ammunition I'm usin'.

  • [last lines]

    Britt Reid: The Green Hornet is gone. He said his job was finished.

    Leonore Case: I don't believe he's gone. I believe he's just been too clever for us. And he's probably someplace close right now, laughing at us all for our stupidity.

    Britt Reid: Miss Case, you're positively psychic!

  • Britt Reid: Yes, Kato. The Green Hornet rides tonight!

  • Kato: The Green Hornet will hunt Mr. Meadows?

    Britt Reid: I'm convinced that garage is the headquarters of the car stealing racket.

    Britt Reid: Meadows must face the Green Hornet tonight!

  • Britt Reid: [Ch. 2] Tonight the Green Hornet strikes again!

  • Britt Reid: [Ch. 3 ] Hey, Lowry, the car that ewe just passed a little while ago turned around and is following us.

    Lowery - a reporter: [Turning around] Yeah, so it is.

    Britt Reid: You got a gun?

    Lowery - a reporter: No, do you?

    Britt Reid: Respectable people don't carry guns.

    Lowery - a reporter: Well, right now I'd rather be less respectable and have a fast car.

  • DeLuca, a gangster: [Ch. 5] Look here, Hornet, what are you lookin' for - a split?

    Britt Reid: The Hornet doesn't take a split - he takes over.

  • Lenore "Casey" Case: Oh, by the way, there's a man locked up in your car.

    Britt Reid: Locked up?

    Lenore "Casey" Case: Yes, will you see that he's released?

    Britt Reid: Yes.

    Kato: Well, the man in the car that would be Mr... Axford.

    Britt Reid: It not only would be, Kato, it is.

  • Michael Axford: Nobody can walk through solid walls unless he's a spook, but he's done it.

    Britt Reid: You think the Hornet is supernatural?

    Michael Axford: I wouldn't put it past him, and to think I was face to face with him and me without a gun!

  • Britt Reid: They're scared stiff.

    Michael Axford: I don't blame them. Foranti doesn't use kid gloves.

    Britt Reid: Brass knuckles are more his style.

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