Breslin Quotes in Escape Plan (2013)


Breslin Quotes:

  • Swan Rottmayer: You don't look that smart!

    Breslin: You don't either!

  • Swan Rottmayer: Portos, don't get killed.

    Breslin: If you say so.

    Swan Rottmayer: Last time they killed a guy in there, they let his body rot for three days. Oh, and they cancelled the prison dance.

    Breslin: Wouldn't wanna fuck up the prom.

  • Breslin: This can go two ways. You let me go, and I'll pretend this never happened. If you don't, I'll burn this fucking place to the ground on my way out.

  • Swan Rottmayer: If I don't get out, I will kill you.

    Breslin: Fair enough.

  • [last lines]

    Breslin: Why don't you and me have a very special dinner?

    Abigail: I'll cook.

    Breslin: Haven't I suffered enough?

  • Breslin: [Before detonating the prison] Boom!

  • Breslin: You're Manheim.

    Breslin: Didn't see that coming.

    Swan Rottmayer: You should've.

    Breslin: Yeah.

  • Breslin: And you became my best friend.

    Swan Rottmayer: You are not user-friendly.

  • Breslin: What am I, disoriented, is that it?

    Hobbes: Yes, that must be it...

  • Breslin: [taking a punch] That's a favor?

    Swan Rottmayer: Sometimes favors hurt.

  • [Breslin meets Michael at a bowling alley populated by old guys with walkers and respirators]

    Breslin: So... seniors' bowling league, huh?

    Michael: Most dangerous league on the planet, bro.

    Breslin: How do you figure?

    Michael: Most deaths.

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