Brent Van Camp Quotes in G.B.F. (2013)


Brent Van Camp Quotes:

  • Brent Van Camp: Instead of risking having you as my B.F., I'd rather keep you forever as my B.F.F.

    Tanner Daniels: Go 'F' yourself.

  • Brent Van Camp: All the teen and tween rags agree - the hottest new trend sweeping schools worldwide is the G.B.F.

    Sophie Aster: G.B.F.?

    Brent Van Camp: Gay best friend. Every celeb has one, so every teen girl needs one, and pretty soon all three prom-queen front-runners will be battling it out for my attention.

  • Brent Van Camp: P.S. your abs ain't too bad, Mr. Four-Pack.

  • 'Topher: So, um, do you wanna feel how straight I am?

    Brent Van Camp: Come again?

    [kisses Brent]

    Brent Van Camp: Whoa, is this actually happening or is this a dream, because I just changed my sheets yesterday.

    'Topher: Oh, it's real, bro.

  • Brent Van Camp: Oh, my God, he's doing it. He's going full-Lohan.

  • Brent Van Camp: 'Shley's Mormon. Their whole shtick is just being relentlessly nice to you until you give up and throw on a pair of their magic underwear.

    Sophie Aster: Yeah, they smile to your face and Prop-8 you in the back.

  • Sophie Aster: What the hell is Guydar?

    Glenn Cho: Where have YOU been? It's the new app that lets gay guys find other gay guys through state-of-the-art, globally-positioned technology.

    Brent Van Camp: She knows.

    Glenn Cho: [defensively] I only know about it because Brent here tried to download it onto MY phone.

    Brent Van Camp: Yeah, and hetero buzzkill here totally cock-blocked me.

    Tanner Daniels: See, I'm not soiling my pristine phone with some slutty gay hookup app.

    Brent Van Camp: Tanner, we're not gonna DO anything. We're just gonna... see if there ARE other gay guys in this town and find out how many cubic feet away they are from us. It's science.

  • Tanner Daniels: You sure this is a good idea?

    Brent Van Camp: Was Drake on "Degrassi?" The answer is yes.

  • Brent Van Camp: You know, I hope your Prince Charming gives you everything you want... and also crabs.

  • Brent Van Camp: Listen up, ladies. Tanner and Fawcett are poaching all the cool kids for their little pansy prom. If we don't act quick, we won't have enough people for a halfway-decent hokey pokey. What we need to do is start "prom-oting" prom. Ya feel me?

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