Brandy Quotes in Sex Drive (2008)


Brandy Quotes:

  • Brandy: You ever had a peppermint fatty?

    Lance: No. Let's have that. See how that shoe fits.

    [Brandy pops peppermint in her mouth, begins sucking his penis]

    Lance: That is curiously strong. I feel like my dick's been bar mitzvahed.

  • Brandy: Nobody ever listens to a teenager. Everybody thinks you should be happy just because you're young. They don't see the wars that we fight every single day. And one day, my war will end. And I won't die. And I will not tolerate abuse from anyone. I am strong.

  • Brandy: In every war, there is an enemy. I watched my mother being hlaf-beaten to death, and watched as bloodand tears streamed down her face. I felt useless and scared, and furious at the same time. I can still feel the sting of the belt on my back and my legs. One time he couldn't pay the rent. That night he stopped us on the street and pointed to the concrete. He said, "pick a spot."

  • Ben: Ms. G, we can fight this y'know, like the Freedom Riders.

    Marcus: Yeh yeh, we all drive around on a bus, only this time they try and bust us up we bust a few of them board member's heads.

    Brandy: Or we can go to the newspapers. Media...?

    Tito: Or we can paint the administration building with the word assholes, in various colours.

  • Brandy: Where are you going?

    Erin: I'm 31. I'm an intern. I'm going to get wasted.

  • Brandy: In bed, I'm one horny little bitch.

  • Brandy: [to Damon] I've been thinkin' about you. A lot. Now, a girl gets lonely. So what do you say? You, me, a little tussle in the tree house? Gotta be careful. 'Cause I, like, make a lotta noise when I fuck. Like, outta control. You may need to put something in my mouth.

  • Brandy: I gotta tell you, your son is marrying a wonderful human being. I'd snap either of them up in a minute, but, you know...

    Mrs. Robinson: Beautiful girl like you, and you're not married?


    Mrs. Robinson: You're a lesbian, I'm sorry.

    Brandy: Ugh, girl, I wish. I'm dickly.

    BrandyAlex: [together] Strictly.

  • Brandy: Now listen up. Life is the script, Noah. You're the writer of your own life. It's time to take control.

  • [Mrs. Robertson has unexpectedly arrived at Noah and Wade's wedding]

    Alex: Girl, this is worse than an episode of "Jerry Springer".

    Brandy: Uh-uh, "Maury Povitch".

    Alex: Oh gir'.

  • Tom Destry: Aren't you afraid you'll catch cold?

    Brandy: I needed some fresh air.

    Tom Destry: You ought to get plenty of it in that outfit.

  • Brandy: Looking for someone, Sheriff?

    Sheriff Joe Bailey: I just want to find out what Decker's running up there - a poker game or a land grab.

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