Brady Kincaid Quotes in Leaves of Grass (2009)


Brady Kincaid Quotes:

  • Bolger: Do you believe in a higher power?

    Brady Kincaid: Yea, I do. I do. It's the only way to make sense of all this. Otherwise, it's just pure fucking chaos.

    Bolger: Like where we is created by him and he judges what we do?

    Brady Kincaid: Well, I think it's more like... like parallel lines.

    Bolger: Parallel lines?

    Brady Kincaid: You know, like two lines go on and on forever and don't ever touch?

    Bolger: Yea.

    Brady Kincaid: 'Cept, they don't actually exist in nature. And man can't create true parallel. It's just more of a concept... Well that concept, that perfection, we know it exists and we think about it, but we can't ever get there ourselves. I think that right there is God.

  • Daisy Kincaid: What's your aversion to proper grammar?

    Brady Kincaid: Rhythm maybe.

  • Brady Kincaid: [talking about Janet] She's a poet.

    Bill Kincaid: What?

    Brady Kincaid: Seriously. She writes fuckin' poetry. And she's the Ladies Noodling Champion of '05.

    Bill Kincaid: Her?

    Brady Kincaid: 125 pounds of catfish in under 10 hours with nothing but her bare hands.


    Brady Kincaid: I tried to get her and Colleen in a three-way once, but wouldn't neither of 'em go for it.

  • Brady Kincaid: I ain't gonna manufacture or purvey anything that I ain't gonna ingest into my own sweet self.

  • Brady Kincaid: Hey buddy. How you feelin'?

  • [Marty rides up to his friends Brady and Tammy at the end of school]

    Brady Kincaid: Hey, it's Madman Marty on the Silver Bullet! So, Marty, glad to be out of jail?

    Marty Coslaw: No. I like school.

    Tammy Sturmfuller: Booger!

  • [Brady drops a garter snake from a tree above, getting Jane to fall into a puddle of mud]

    Brady Kincaid: Look alive!

    Brady Kincaid: [Marty covers his face as Brady continues to laugh at Jane] Hey, Jane! Did you wet your pants?

    Marty Coslaw: Jane, I'm sorry.

    Jane Coslaw: Oh, yeah, sure!

    Marty Coslaw: I didn't mean to.

    Jane Coslaw: Oh, no. You never mean to! I hate you, you booger!

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