Brad Wesley Quotes in Road House (1989)


Brad Wesley Quotes:

  • Brad Wesley: Elvis! Play something with balls!

  • Brad Wesley: [after seeing Pat with a broken nose] Did I explain it wrong? Is that it?

    O'Connor: No, boss, you didn't.

    Brad Wesley: Pat's got a weak constitution. You boys know that. That's why he's working as a bartender. He's my only sister's son. And if he doesn't have me, who's he got? And if I'm not there, you're there.

    [to Jimmy]

    Brad Wesley: I should've let you go, Jimmy.

    Brad Wesley: [to Tinker and O'Connor] Well, one of you boys owes me an apology. Now I leave it up to you to decide which one of you wants to say "I'm sorry."

    Tinker: [takes off his hat] I'm sorry, boss.

    O'Connor: I'm sorry, boss.

    Brad Wesley: I believe you, Tinker.

    [walks over to O'Connor]

    Brad Wesley: But you, O'Connor, somehow I don't believe you. Now you better try it again. 'cause if there's one thing I can't stand, it's a man who's untruthful.

    O'Connor: I'm sorry, boss.

    Brad Wesley: If there's one thing that disgusts me, it's a man who can't admit when he's wrong.

    O'Connor: I swear to God, boss, I'm sorry.

    Brad Wesley: You disgust me, O'Connor. You wanna know why you disgust me?

    O'Connor: No, why, boss?

    Brad Wesley: [punches him] 'cause you're a bleeder. You bleed too much. You are a messy bleeder.

    [kicks him in the groin]

    Brad Wesley: You're weak. You got no endurance for PAIN

    [karate chops him and knocks him down]

    Brad Wesley: . Awe, come on, get up. Hey, you'll be fine. Come on.

    [to his men]

    Brad Wesley: Well, help him up!

    Brad Wesley: [Wesley's men stand him up] You're gonna be fine. And you know why? Because I like you.

    [punches and knocks him out]

    Brad Wesley: [to his men] Get this piece-of-shit coward out of here.

  • Brad Wesley: [sees Dalton looking at a man's picture] My grandfather.

    Dalton: Looks like an important man.

    Brad Wesley: He was an asshole. But *you*, you're a smart boy, aren't you, Dalton? You're just not too realistic. Christ, I'm just like you. I came up the hard way, from the streets of Chicago. You know, when I came to this town after Korea there was nothing. I brought the mall here. I got the 7-Eleven. I got the Fotomat here. Christ, JC Penney is coming here because of me. You ask anybody, they'll tell you.

    Dalton: You've gotten rich off of the people in this town.

    Brad Wesley: [laughs] You bet your ass I have. And I'm gonna get richer. I believe we all have a purpose on this earth. A destiny. I have a faith in that destiny. It tells me to gather unto me what is mine. But, Christ, you get paid for beating people up. Tell me you don't love it. Of course you do. You wouldn't be human if you didn't.

  • Brad Wesley: Dalton, I have a cousin in Memphis. Tells me you killed a man down there. Tells me you said it was self-defense at the trial. But you and I know that isn't so, don't we?

    Brad Wesley: [Dalton stands up and starts to get mad] Relax. Relax. Tell me, if I owned a bar and I wanted to clean it up, how much would it take to get you to come work for me?

    Dalton: [defiantly] There's no amount of money.

  • Brad Wesley: [a big brawl has just started] Can somebody get a drink around here?

  • Brad Wesley: [Red's place has burned down] Well, with a fire like that, nothin' they could do. Nothin'.

    [to Ernie, the bartender]

    Brad Wesley: Jack Daniel's.

    [Ernie looks at Dalton and Dalton gives him the okay]

    Brad Wesley: .

    Brad Wesley: [to Dalton] Thank you. It's like a morgue in here.

    [to Cody]

    Brad Wesley: Play something, Elvis. Get those firemen in here. I wanna buy them a drink. They risked their lives to save a no-good-faggot-draft-dodger like Red Webster.

  • Doc: What the hell is wrong with you, Brad? Have you lost your mind?

    Brad Wesley: [on Dalton] He's a drifter, you know. To see you wind up with someone like that, it's a shame.

    Doc: This has nothing to do with him.

    Brad Wesley: Well, you get him out of here, Elizabeth. 'cause if you don't, he's going down. And I'm not gonna lose a second's sleep about it.

  • Brad Wesley: Stroudenmire, I never thought you'd turn on me too. This is my town. Don't you forget it.

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