Bouncer Quotes in Charlie's Angels (2000)


Bouncer Quotes:

  • Natalie: I have to go. I can't explain now but will you call me tomorrow?

    Pete: Sure.

    [Natalie runs off. Runs back, kisses him and runs off again. Pete turns to the bouncers]

    Bouncer: Oh, you bad!

    Bouncer: Yeah, you bad!

    Pete: Finally you guys warm up a little.

  • Bouncer: Hey you! You wanna dance on stage?

    NataliePete: Us? Yeah!

    Bouncer: No. Stage is for the ladies.

    Natalie: Oh, then you know what? I'm just gonna find a place on the floor.

    Pete: [to bouncer] Wait a minute!

    [to Natalie]

    Pete: This is like Soul Train's highest honor, I am NOT gonna sit here and let you NOT go up there so yeah, she'll go.

    Natalie: Really? Cause I've always wanted to go up there.

    Pete: Have a great time!

    Natalie: See you in a minute!

  • Bouncer: Sorry Mr. Carter, you're not on the list.

    [Jack punches him]

    Jack Carter: Nobody likes the list guy.

  • Bouncer: Hold it! Where are you going? I think I know you, pal.

    Matt Hunter: Makes us even. I don't know you either.

    Bouncer: You don't have to know me, jerk? You buying or selling?

    Matt Hunter: Just looking.

    Bouncer: No, no, no, no. You don't look here. This ain't no peep show. You got business, do it. You got that, huh?

    Matt Hunter: I'm not sure.

    [Grab the hand of the bottle of a beer]

    Matt Hunter: You want to run that by me again?

    [But suddenly cracked the bottle of beer in his hand by Hunter]

    Bouncer: Ah! Ahh!

    Matt Hunter: That's okay. I think I get it.

    Bouncer: Oh!

  • Bouncer: [examining a golf bag] What's in here?

    Spats' Henchman: My golf clubs. The putter, niblick, number three iron...

    Bouncer: [pulling out a Tommy sub-machine gun] What's this?

    Spats' Henchman: My mashie!

  • Bouncer: [throws a drunk Chris out of the bar] And stay out!

    [to himself]

    Bouncer: Always wanted to say that.

  • Bouncer: [outside the Club Luna] Claude said no one is to be admitted once the door was locked.

    Serafine: The full moon is rising; would you rather I remained out here with you?

    Bouncer: Uh, no.

    [opens the door and lets Serafine in, quickly locking the door behind her]

  • Bouncer: Sorry we are full.

    Inspector LeDuc: This building is closed

    [show's badge]

    Inspector LeDuc: who gave you a permit for this party?

    Bouncer: Ask the boss inside.

    [let's them in]

    Bouncer: .

  • [Abdul and Tariq approach a local nightclub]

    Bouncer: All right, Tony, how ya goin' mate?

    Tariq Khan: All right, Bazza?

    Bouncer: Yeah, good to see ya. All right, in ya go.

    Tariq Khan: Nice, mate.

    Bouncer: [to Abdul] Where do you think you're going, smiler?

    Tariq Khan: This is our kid, erm...

    Abdul Khan: Arthur, me name's Arthur.

  • Marv: [Marv is walking in the back door to Kadie's]


    Marv: Walk down the right back alley in Sin City...

    Bouncer: [the bouncer throws someone out the door] Leave your hands off Nancy!

    Marv: [voiceover] ... and you could find anything.

    [Marv steps over the man on the ground and walks right up to the bouncer]

    Bouncer: That coat looks like Baghdad. So does your face. Take off!

    [Marv jabs his thumbs into the bouncer's eyes and walks him backwards through the door]

    Bouncer: Urrrghh... aaahhhhh! Ahhh!

    [Marv throws him into a corner booth]

    Maeve: [watching the whole thing] He's new here, Marv, he didn't know.

  • [last lines]

    Kit Winter: It's easy. It's like breathing. It's like a heartbeat.

    Reporter 1: Have you been following the Tom and Theo trial?

    Reporter 2: Where's Barnaby?

    Reporter 3: Carmen, who made your dress?

    Bouncer: Get that camera out of here!

  • June Goffe: [angrily to the bouncer] Why don't you ask him why he's wearing those white gloves? He's been givin' me the itch all night.

    Edward Honig: [nervously] No, it's a misunderstanding.

    June Goffe: [contemptuously] He's got a rash on his hands.

    Bouncer: [angrily] Is that a fact?

    Edward Honig: [desperately] No, it's a nervous condition.

  • Hese: Is Claus here?

    Bouncer: Who?

    Hese: Santa Claus!

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