Both Quotes in The Cannonball Run (1981)


Both Quotes:

  • Batman: Mad Dog, you ARE going to take the shortcut to the Interstate, aren't you?

    Mad Dog: We're here to win, ain't we? If you're gonna be a bear, BE A GRIZZLY!

    Both: ARRR!

  • Jill: You know, Marcie, we've got this routine down.

    Marcie: Yeah. I think we're ready for the Cannonball.

    Jill: Oh, I think so. How far is Redondo beach?

    Marcie: 150 miles.

    Jill: Hah. An hour flat.

    Marcie: What're we waiting for?

    Both: LET'S GO.

  • Vic DeRubis: Alec?

    Alec Stewart: Did you talk to Big Wally?

    Vic DeRubis: Yeah, yeah. I told him you got away on me. He was very... unhappy.

    Alec Stewart: Trust me. It's the BRIGHTEST move you ever made.

    Vic DeRubis: Yeah, well, meanwhile, my reputation as an enforcer has been permanently... soiled.

    Alec Stewart: But when we win, you just say you caught up with me and I gave you the 50 grand, then we SPLIT the other 50 grand and everyones happy.

    Vic DeRubis: Right. Hey! (Grabs Alec) WAIT A MINUTE! The deal is: I get 35, YOU get 15.

    Alec Stewart: Isn't that what I said?

    Vic DeRubis: You just said we'd split it.

    Alec Stewart: But I didn't say we'd split it EVENLY. YOU get 15, and I get 35.

    Both: Right.

    Vic DeRubis: And if we don't win?

    Alec Stewart: Then you kill me.

    [Long silence, then both enter the Jag]

  • Mario: Treat your tools like a friend. Keep 'em by you. Lever let 'em down, and they're always at your side.

    Luigi: Hey, Mario, how is it that for every situation that could possibly come up, you always got a saying about tools?

    Mario: I got 'em from Papa.

    Both: He got 'em from Grandpapa!

  • Amelia Earhart: [Sees Kah Mun Rah's men approaching] Crimey, we're jimmy-jacked!

    Larry Daley: Jimmy-jacked?

    Amelia Earhart: It's the way I speak!

    Larry Daley: Yeah, but that sounds made-up, even for you...

    Amelia Earhart: [flatly] 'Oh no, our path has been blocked by bad people' what's the fun in that? The point is, we're not getting into 'Air and Space' right now.

    Larry Daley: Yeah, you're right. We are...

    Both: Jimmy-jacked...

  • Louis Winthorpe III: Nenge? Nenge Mboko? It is me, Lionel Joseph!

    Billy Ray Valentine: Lionel! From the African Education Conference!

    Louis Winthorpe III: Yah, mon, I was Director of Cultural Activities at the Haile Selassie Pavilion.

    Billy Ray Valentine: I remember the pavilion - we had big fun there!

    Both: Boo-boo yah, boo-boo yah, boo-boo yah, hah! Boo-boo yah, boo-boo yah, boo-boo yah, hah!

    Billy Ray Valentine: Oh, memories!

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