Boone Quotes in Nightbreed (1990)


Boone Quotes:

  • Boone: Then it's true.

    Peloquin: Everything is true. God's an Astronaut. Oz is Over the Rainbow, and Midian is where the monsters live.

  • Boone: You don't understand! I've killed people.

    Peloquin: Who told you that?

    Boone: What do you mean?

    Peloquin: He lied, Asshole!

  • Boone: Decker... isn't this where the dead are supposed to be/go?

    Dr. Philip K. Decker: But you're not dead?

    Lori Desinger: [Passing out] Boone

    Boone: No you're wrong Decker... we're both dead!

    [Decker stabs him, Boone just winces and smirks]

    Boone: You see... blades are no better than bullets!

  • Boone: [Sneering... as Decker falls from a cliff] One last dance!

  • Boone: Look we can make it out... but we need fighters

    Lylesberg: We're not warriors

    Boone: What about the beserkers?

    Lylesberg: Madness, they're uncontrollable

    Boone: Better yet... let them out. We are the tribes of the moon... you said so

    Lylesberg: [Reminiscing] The tribes of the moon

    [pauses then reluctantly]

    Lylesberg: I'll release them

  • Narcisse: Are you going to kill him or not? Only I want his balls, and his eyes... unless you want them.

    Boone: I'll pass

    Narcisse: Remember me doctor? I was dying when you had your way with me. You made me give up my secrets when I was feeling particularly vunerable...

    [Pulls out a set of blades]

    Narcisse: Now

  • Alex Furlong: [Being pinned down by gunfire] We're trapped.

    Boone: What do you mean 'we', white man?


    Boone: Just kidding.

  • Boone: [to Wes] You know that book you wrote talking about gender roles and relationships? You know, the guy should cook for his wife once a week? Any recipes you recommend?

  • Wes Wilson: Hey, please don't put me in this trunk. Please. Come on. I'm claustrophobic.

    Boone: I don't care what kind of disease you have.

  • Boone: No ear?

  • Boone: I couldn't help but overhear you guys talking. I understand you're an agent?

    Martin: That's right.

    Boone: I got this idea for a book. It's a cookbook with recipes for couples in trouble.

    Martin: Who else knows about this?

    Boone: Nobody. Well, a few, but they're not around anymore.

    Martin: Let's keep it that way. Martin Rivera. Nice to meet ya.

  • Boone: I'm actually starting to miss my wife's cooking.

    Stubby Bill: Shit, I'm actually startin' to miss your wife.

  • Doggle: [Boone and Doggle have just messed up their job] Do you think we'll still get our promotion?

    Boone: [grumpily] Take it off

    [Doggle removes his hat and Boone instantly knocks him on the head]

  • Jessica James: What?

    Boone: I really like you.

    Jessica James: Of course you do.

    Jessica James: Everyone does.

    Jessica James: I'm freaking dope.

  • Boone: Where may I ask, is my coffee? I always start my day with a cup of coffee.

    Omri: Okay, if you're good, I'll make you breakfast.

    Little Bear: Cook? Like a woman! You are a woman!

    Omri: Oh please, you guys are so old fashioned.

    Boone: I'll have you know I'm a civilized man.

    [looks at Little Bear]

    Boone: Unlike some!

    Little Bear: Where do you come from?

    Boone: I come from Texas, Mr. Half-a-brain!

  • Omri: It's too risky.

    Boone: Whiskey?

    Omri: "Risky" Dangerous!

  • Boone: The boys back home call me boohoo Boone!"

  • Boone: [about whisky] Not one more drop as long as I live!

    [sees Omri and Patrick]

    Boone: Ohhhhhhh, my dear sweet lord!


    Boone: I need a drink.

  • Patrick: [about Boone and Little Bear] Don't put them together. You know; "Cowboys and Indians".

    Omri: Duh!

    Boone: Indians?

  • Boone: [after Omri picks him up to stop him from shooting Little Bear] I'm tired of getting hauled around all the time! I might'a known you'd take the side of that stinkin' savage!

    Little Bear: He smells, Omri, and he calls me a dirty savage.

    Boone: Oh, I didn't call you dirty. I called you stinkin'!

  • Boone: You sure was right, Little Bear! God sure do play with men a lot!

    Little Bear: There is no God here.

  • Boone: [crying] Everybody's so big!

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