Bond Quotes in The World Is Not Enough (1999)


Bond Quotes:

  • M: She doesn't need to know that it's the same man that may be after her. Don't frighten her.

    Bond: A shadow operation?

    M: Remember, shadows stay in front or behind - never on top.

  • [Bond finds Zukovsky, Bull, and two women in the casino office]

    Zukovsky: Bull, give them an inch.

    [Bull gives each woman an inch-thick stack of cash, and the three of them start to leave]

    Zukovsky: Make sure they lose it in this casino, huh?

    Bull: I'll see you later, Mr. Bond.

    [Bond sees that Bull has a mouthful of gold teeth]

    Bond: I see you put your money where your mouth is.

    Zukovsky: Mr. Bullion does not trust banks.

  • Fiona: You look pale, Mr. Bond. I hope I didn't frighten you.

    Bond: Well you see, I've always been a nervous passenger.

    Fiona: Some men just don't like to be driven.

    Bond: No, some men just don't like to be taken for a ride.

  • Emilio Largo: Pull!

    [hits the clay pigeon]

    Emilio Largo: What could be easier?

    Bond: Huh! Perhaps you'd call one for me.

    Emilio Largo: Of course. Pull!

    Bond: Seems terribly difficult.

    [hits the clay pigeon while shooting from the hip]

    Bond: No, it isn't, is it?

    Emilio Largo: No...

  • [after leaving an Irrigation Therapy Room]

    Bond: See you later, irrigator.

  • Bond: [draping arm around nurse] Do I seem healthy to you?

    Pat Fearing: Too healthy, by far.

  • Bond: I hope we didn't frighten the fish.

    Domino: [they begin to walk ashore] Ow! Sea egg spines. They're poisonous!

    Bond: Here, give me your arm.

  • [Bond is standing in the doorway between their apartments as Fiona takes a bath]

    Fiona: Aren't you in the wrong room, Mr. Bond?

    Bond: Not from where I'm standing.

  • Bond: [massaging Pat] Mink. It uh, reduces the tensions.

    Pat Fearing: [throaty voice] Not mine.

  • Emilio Largo: *Every* man has his passion. Mine is fishing. What is yours, Mr. Bond?

    Bond: Well, I'm not what you'd call a passionate man.

    [eyes Domino]

    Domino: [chuckles] I think it's time I went to change.

    Emilio Largo: You must let me show you around.

    Bond: Oh, I'd love that!

    Emilio Largo: I *thought* you might.

  • [first lines]

    Madame LaPorte: The coffin - it has your initials: J.B.

    Bond: At the moment, rather him than me.

    Madame LaPorte: At least you've been saved the effort of removing him. Colonel Bouvar passed away in his sleep, so they tell me.

    Bond: Mm...

    Madame LaPorte: You sound disappointed you did not kill him yourself.

    Bond: I am. Jacques Bouvar murdered two of my colleagues.

  • [last lines]

    Bond: [helping Domino into a life raft] Up.

  • Bond: Keep in touch.

    Pat Fearing: Anytime, anyplace, James.

    Bond: Another time, another place.

  • Count Lippe: [after Bond slides a broom handle through the handles of doors on a sitting steam bath that Lippe is in] What the hell do you think you're doing?

    Bond: Now don't you worry, I'll tell the chef!

    Count Lippe: Let me out of this bloody machine!

  • Miss Moneypenny: [Talking on the phone] A red square with a spike through it?

    Bond: Yes, I think it's a tong sign: the Red Dragon from Macao. Ask Records to verify it, will you?

    Miss Moneypenny: Uh, sorry, sweetie. You're off duty. File it till you get back.

    Bond: Moneypenny, next time I see you, I'll put you across my knee.

    Miss Moneypenny: On yogurt and lemon juice? Ah-ha-ha. I can hardly wait!

  • Pat Fearing: Take off your bath robe, please.

    Bond: You never say that as if you meant it.

    Pat Fearing: Arms above your head, please.

    [Bond makes a pass]

    Pat Fearing: Behave yourself, Mr. Bond!

  • Pat Fearing: You better come along with with me. Spend a few minutes in the steam room. That will help to relax you.

    Bond: Yes.

    Pat Fearing: Might even shrink you back to size.

  • Pat Fearing: You wouldn't tell Doctor Wade? Please, I'd lose my job.

    Bond: Well, I, I suppose my silence could have a price.

    Pat Fearing: You don't mean - oh, no.

    Bond: Oh, yes!

  • Miss Moneypenny: [Looking at a photograph] A smashing figure! I don't suppose that has anything to do with your request.

    Bond: Was there ever a man more misunderstood.

    Miss Moneypenny: Now, James, you can't pull the wool over my eyes. You may be able to con the old man, but, I know better.

  • Domino: Thank you, Mister...?

    Bond: James Bond. I arrived soon after you went down. I've been admiring your form.

    Domino: Have you, now? You're name's James Bond and you've been admiring my form?

    Bond: Mm, most girls just paddle around. You swim like a man.

    Domino: So do you.

    Bond: Well, I've had quite a bit of practice. Do you come here often?

    Domino: Whenever I am bored. Practically every day.

    Bond: Mm hmm.

  • Bond: Have some of my conch chowder.

    Domino: You've been reading the wrong books, Mr. Bond.

    Bond: About conch chowder?

    Domino: About being an aphrodisiac.

    Bond: Well, it just so happens that I like conch chowder.

    Domino: Oh!

  • Emilio Largo: Someone has to lose.

    Bond: Yes, I thought I saw a spectre at your shoulder.

    Emilio Largo: What do you mean?

    Bond: The spectre of defeat. That your luck was due to change.

    Emilio Largo: We'll soon find out.

  • Bond: [Ordering at Cafe Martinique] Beluga caviar, Dom Perignon '55.

  • Bond: I understand you're Mr. Largo's niece?

    Domino: Sounds better than - what would you say? Mistress? Kept woman?

  • Bond: [Bond sees Q enter the equipment room] Oh no.

    Q: Ah, double-oh seven.

    Bond: [sarcastically] What a wonderful surprise.

    Q: Well, for me, too. I must say, I find this business of equipping you in the field, on the run as it were, highly irregular. Here we have a Geiger counter. Useful and unobtrusive. The sweep hand takes the radioactivity count. It's waterproof, of course.

    Bond: But of course.

  • Q: It closes to a convenient pocket size.

    Bond: Assuming one has a convenient pocket.

  • Bond: How far do you go?

    Fiona: You better fasten your safety belt.

  • Palmyra waiter: Drink, Sir.

    Emilio Largo: Rum Collins, Mr. Bond?

    Bond: Yes. Just about that hour, isn't it?

    [checks his Geiger counter watch]

  • Fiona: But the music is gonna go on all night, anyhow. Enough to drive you wild. You like wild things, Mr. Bond, Mr. James Bond? Ah!

    Bond: Wild? You should be locked up in a cage.

    Fiona: Mm. Mm, this bed feels like a cage. All these bars. Do you think I'll be... *safe*?

  • Fiona: [after a lovemaking session] You made a shocking mess out of my hair, you sadistic brute. Will you zip me up, please?

    Bond: Mm! No wonder you can get dressed so quickly. On the way we can have a little talk. You may find it interesting. Come on.

    Fiona: I'm coming. I hate to think I'm going to miss anything.

    [Bond opens the door, Largo's henchmen are there, Bond quickly closes the door]

    Fiona: And now *we* can go somewhere for an interesting talk.

    Bond: Friends of yours, no doubt.

    [opens the door]

    Bond: Come in!

    Fiona: You dress quickly, too. I didn't see that gun in the mirror.

    Bond: Not that it matters, but that was under the pillow all the time.

    Fiona: And when did you find out?

    Bond: Well, you're wearing the same ring as Largo.

    Fiona: It's a ring I like to wear.

    Bond: Vanity has its dangers.

    Fiona: Vanity, Mr. Bond? Something you know so *much* about.

  • Bond: Domino, I need your help.

    Domino: Of course. That's why you make love to me.

  • Bond: [putting his jet pack into a car trunk] No well-dressed man should be without one.

    Madame LaPorte: Hmm, yes, very practical.

  • Radio announcer: ...we have no plans to visit the United States. Now here's a special announcement from the overseas service of the BBC. Big Ben...

    Bond: Shh!

    Radio announcer: ...actually did strike seven times at six o'clock this evening. This was caused by a mechanical failure which last occurred during a violent electrical storm in eighteen hundred and ninety-eight. Now here once again are the headlines...

    Bond: Obviously stalling for time.

  • Domino: Oh, something I remembered. It may not be important.

    Bond: Tell me. Everything's important.

    Domino: There's a small bridge over the canal. Largo never allows strangers to go near it. By the canal there's a flight of steps.

    Bond: Where to the steps lead to?

    Domino: Down into the sea, on the far side of Palmyra. Perhaps it *is* important, after all.

  • Bond: Separate pool. For sharks, no less. Move in. Hold on that line. That's Largo's place, all right. My next port of call.

  • Emilio Largo: I collect big game fish for various marine institutions. Magnificent creatures.

    Bond: Mm, charming.

    Emilio Largo: The notorious Golden Grotto Sharks. The most savage. The most dangerous.

    Bond: Mm!

    Emilio Largo: They know when it's time for them to be fed.

  • Bond: That boat, is she yours?

    Emilio Largo: The Disco Volante, yes. I'm very proud of her.

    Bond: Uh, what does she do? About fifteen knots?

    Emilio Largo: Better than that: near twenty. Perhaps you'd like to see over her.

    Bond: Yes, I would, very much.

  • Domino: Emilio, lunch is ready.

    Emilio Largo: Thank you, my darling.

    Domino: Come along, Mr. Bond. The conch chowder smells delicious.

    Emilio Largo: Uh, Domino.

    Domino: Yes?

    Emilio Largo: I was just thinking... As I'll be busy this evening, perhaps Mr. Bond will be kind enough to take you to the Junkanoo. It's our local Mardi Gras. You'll be my guest tonight, Mr. Bond.

    Bond: Well, that's very kind of you.

    Emilio Largo: It will be my pleasure.

  • Felix Leiter: Who was he?

    Bond: Like I said, a small fish. Working for a Mr. Largo. They've got a yacht we should take a look at. Later.

  • Felix Leiter: Well, that's it, James. We've looked about everywhere.

    Bond: We've got to find that plane.

    Felix Leiter: You won't find it down there. That's the Golden Grotto.

    Bond: Golden Grotto?

    Felix Leiter: Yeah. All you find down there are sharks.

    Bond: Take it down, I want a closer look.

    Felix Leiter: Closer look at what?

    Bond: Never mind, take it down quick!

    [Bond sees a dark object on the sandy bottom]

    Bond: Set 'er down Felix, I think we've found it.

  • Bond: There's *something* camouflage down there. I'll take a look. Shoot one of those sharks. It'll keep the others occupied.

    Felix Leiter: Right.

    [shoots a shark dead with a rifle]

    Bond: I don't know how long the others'll take... before they finish him off. But they'll be back.

    Felix Leiter: I'll keep an eye on 'em.

    Bond: Good.

  • Bond: That much we do know. But there's something we don't. The bombs: when they're being loaded aboard the Disco Volante.

    Domino: How could I know that?

    Bond: That you'll have to find out. It won't be easy. Could be very dangerous.

    Domino: What can he do to me he hasn't already done?

  • Bond: Perhaps this, Sir.

    [hands M the photo of Francois and Dominique Derval]

    M: Uh, well?

    Bond: Well, there was a photograph of that man in this dossier you gave us. His name is Derval. Well I saw him last night at Shrublands... but he was dead!

    Group Captain: Oh no, Sir, not possible. He was seen boarding the Vulcan. Took off last night.

    M: If 007 says he saw Derval last night at Shrublands and he was dead, that's enough for me to initiate inquiries.

    Group Captain: Oh well, yes Sir, of course.

  • Bond: By the way, who is the man in the room next to your Count Lippe?

    Pat Fearing: I really don't know too much about him. A Mr. Angelo. He's here with a private physician, recuperating from an awful car crash, I understand.

  • Shrublands Receptionist: [the fire alarm is ringing] What's happened? What's going on?

    Bond: I don't know. Could it be the front door bell?

    Pat Fearing: No, it most certainly could *not*.

    Bond: Oh well, eh...

    Pat Fearing: Haven't you had enough exercise for one evening?

    Bond: Eh, it's funny you should say that.

  • Bond: Tell London I've made contact with the girl.

    Paula: Boy, is that what I call "contact!" I'll pass it through that you've *seen* the girl.

  • Bond: What else do you do, and where?

    Domino: You don't waste time. Do you?

    Bond: No.

    Domino: [places her sea star against his chest, like a badge] For effort.

    Bond: Oh, thank you. I'll wear it so you'll know me next time.

  • Q: Now here's a miniature Very pistol, which fires a bright red flare, a distress signal. You should keep in on you, day and night.

    Bond: I resent that remark.

    [Bond prepares to fire the pistol]

    Q: Here! Look, do you mind?

  • Q: Now pay attention. A recently developed, harmless, radioactive device.

    Bond: Harmless.

    Q: Which sends out a homing signal to a special receiver.

    Bond: Mm! Well what am I supposed to do with this?

    Q: Obviously you... swallow it.

    Bond: Now?

  • Bond: [after extracting a sea egg spine with his teeth] It's the first time I've tasted women. They're rather good.

  • Bond: Tell Leiter to stay with the girl. I'll get back to him just as soon as I can.

    Pinder: Anything else?

    Bond: Tell him Paula's dead.

    Pinder: OK.

  • Bond: [to the pursuing shark, only in some prints of the film] Sorry old chap. Better luck next time.

  • Bond: [spots the two moles on her left thigh] I was right. Couldn't miss.

    Domino: I'm not with you.

    Bond: Oh you soon will be.

  • Fiona: What's your name?

    Bond: James Bond.

    Fiona: Fiona Volpe.

    [Fiona takes a turn at high speed]

    Bond: Fly here often?

    Fiona: Do I make you nervous?

    Bond: No. It's just that I have no desire to be... capsized twice in one night.

    Fiona: Well, at least you won't have to... swim ashore. Have you been here before, Mr. Bond?

    Bond: No, I haven't. But, uh, this *is* the road to Nassau?

    Fiona: Yes... Eventually.

  • Bond: [after noticing Domino frowning as she notices Quist] Friend of yours?

    Domino: He works for my guardian.

    Bond: Your guardian has you watched?

    Domino: He likes to know where I am.

    Bond: I don't blame him.

  • Bond: Madame, I've, uh, come to offer my sincere condolences.

    [slugs madame in the jaw]

    Bond: My dear Colonel Bouvar, I don't think you should have opened that car door by yourself.

  • Pinder: Governor's not very happy, but you'll have a power cut as you requested, all over the island.

    Bond: I don't give a damn about the rest of the island. I just want the lights out in Palmyra.

    Pinder: You'll have it.

  • Bond: Look at this! An underwater hatch.

    Felix Leiter: Yeah. So *that's* how they could leave and get back.

    Bond: Yes, and nobody saw them. Obviously the whole operation was carried out underwater. That's where we'll have to look for the plane. Come on, Felix.

  • Pat Fearing: *Behave* yourself, Mr. Bond! Oh, I can see there's only one place to keep *you* quiet.

    [pulls back a curtain to reveal a traction table]

    Bond: And what's this?

    Pat Fearing: A motorized traction table for stretching the spine. Some patients call it "The Rack."

    Bond: I'm not surprised.

    Pat Fearing: Oh, get on.

    Bond: Where's the kickstarter?

    Pat Fearing: Oh, stop fooling around, and face down, please.

    Bond: Face...

  • Pat Fearing: [after seeing Bond pause to watch a body being loaded into an ambulance] Mr. Angelo. Heart attack last night.

    Bond: I'm not surprised.

  • Domino: He's going to be impossible if his luck doesn't change.

    Bond: Somehow I don't think it will, tonight.

  • Bond: Are you sleeping aboard tonight?

    Domino: I *hoped* you'd not be so obvious.

    Bond: Well, when one has little time one sort of *has* to be obvious.

    Domino: You know where you can find me.

  • Bond: Get your radio man onto Orlando Beach. Warn them the target is Miami. Also, the bomb is transferred from the Disco Volante onto a wreck off Fowley Point.

    Felix Leiter: Right. Hang onto that.

  • Fiona: May I cut in?

    Girl in Kiss Kiss Club: You should have told me your wife was here!

    [walks off]

    Bond: [to Fiona, as they dance] Do you come here often?

    Fiona: It's no good you trying to escape, Mr. Bond.

    Bond: I don't want to escape. Strange as it may seem, I've grown accustomed to your face.

    Fiona: Why don't you come with us quietly?

    Bond: You don't seem to understand. You see, I *enjoy* my dancing.

    [Deftly moves Fiona so that she blocks a fatal gunshot aimed at him]

  • Frankie Lone: [Bond brandished Frankie's trademark nunchaku weapon] Where did you get that?

    Bond: I bought it from your shop, make it 10% discount.

  • Bond: [Frankie tried an attack on Bond that didn't work and so tries to run away, but Bond catches up to him] When do I get hurt?

    Frankie Lone: [smiles] Soon enough.

  • Fai-Fai: I'm the Doctor's favorite, you dumb shit.

    Bond: Nobody calls me a 'dumb shit', you little whore.

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