Bomba Quotes in Epic (2013)


Bomba Quotes:

  • Bomba: Just because you haven't seen something doesn't mean it's not there.

  • Bomba: I have to find my daughter!

  • Patricia Harland: Well, I'm going to stick to you until I can make you take me back to camp. I can't stay out here all alone.

    Bomba: Not bad be alone.

    Patricia Harland: Well, you're going to have company whether you like it or not.

    Bomba: Not like.

    Patricia Harland: That's fine. Then you can just take me back to my father.

  • Patricia Harland: Who are you, anyway?

    Bomba: Bomba.

    Patricia Harland: Bomba? That's a funny name.

    Bomba: My name.

  • Patricia Harland: Have you got a leopard skin I can have?

    [Bomba starts to take off his loin cloth]

    Patricia Harland: Oh no, Bomba, you keep that one. Get me a little bigger one.

    Bomba: This best one.

    Patricia Harland: Well, I'm not fussy. Second best is good enough for me.

  • Patricia Harland: I think I'd better get out of here. Before I decide to stay the rest of my life.

    Bomba: Not like home?

    Patricia Harland: That's just it. I like it too much.

    Bomba: Why not stay? All good here. All friends.

    Patricia Harland: Don't try to talk me into it. It'd be too easy.

  • Bomba: One time, man try and catch Bomba. Like animal.

    David Gordon: My father wouldn't do that.

    Bomba: Father trap animals.

  • Bomba: [discussing the volcano] Hill not good now, make noise sometimes. Thunder.

    David Gordon: Oh, I ain't scared of any little old noise.

    Bomba: Animals scared. Bomba not like.

  • Robert Maitland: Amazing. Thousand miles of jungle and you just happened along.

    Bomba: Not happened. Bomba track panther. Black cat is killer.

    Robert Maitland: Black panther. Do you suppose that could be the one that's been attacking my men?

    Comm. Andy Barnes: It's possible. Woods are full of cats.

    Bomba: Most cats kill for food. Panther kill just to kill. Must die.

  • Judy Maitland: All I know is that I hate this country and everything in it. It's brutal. And ugly.

    Bomba: Bomba see many things not ugly.

  • Bomba: What you do here?

    Losana: What you do here, Monsieur? You follow Losana, no?

    Bomba: Bomba follow taboo cat.

    Losana: You follow taboo cat and you find me. That is really funny.

  • Bomba: I come in peace.

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