Bomb #20 Quotes in Dark Star (1974)


Bomb #20 Quotes:

  • [Doolittle convinces the bomb not to explode]

    Doolittle: Hello, Bomb? Are you with me?

    Bomb #20: Of course.

    Doolittle: Are you willing to entertain a few concepts?

    Bomb #20: I am always receptive to suggestions.

    Doolittle: Fine. Think about this then. How do you know you exist?

    Bomb #20: Well, of course I exist.

    Doolittle: But how do you know you exist?

    Bomb #20: It is intuitively obvious.

    Doolittle: Intuition is no proof. What concrete evidence do you have that you exist?

    Bomb #20: Hmmmm... well... I think, therefore I am.

    Doolittle: That's good. That's very good. But how do you know that anything else exists?

    Bomb #20: My sensory apparatus reveals it to me. This is fun.

  • Bomb#20: In the beginning, there was darkness. And the darkness was without form, and void.

    Boiler: What the hell is he talking about?

    Bomb#20: And in addition to the darkness there was also me. And I moved upon the face of the darkness. And I saw that I was alone. Let there be light.

  • [Pinback wants the bomb to disarm]

    Pinback: All right, bomb. Prepare to receive new orders.

    Bomb#20: You are false data.

    Pinback: Hmmm?

    Bomb #20: Therefore I shall ignore you.

    Pinback: Hello... bomb?

    Bomb #20: False data can act only as a distraction. Therefore, I shall refuse to perceive.

    Pinback: Hey, bomb?

    Bomb #20: The only thing that exists is myself.

    Pinback: Snap out of it, bomb.

  • Bomb #20: Intriguing. I wish I had more time to discuss this.

    Doolittle: [frantic] Why don't you have more time?

    Bomb #20: Because I must explode in 75 seconds.

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