Bogey Quotes in The Phynx (1970)


Bogey Quotes:

  • Corrigan: Agent Corrigan, reporting as ordered, sir!

    Bogey: Hi ya, Sweetheart.

  • Bogey: How would it look if they found out the SSA boo-booed, huh? Remember that, kiddo.

  • Bogey: Let's go, bright eyes.

    Corrigan: Where are we going, sir?

    Bogey: Assembly Hall. Where you're going to meet all the top Super Secret Agents of America. Dumb-dumb.

  • Bogey: This is Albania below us. It is right there that one of the most dastardly men of modern times is hold up. Where? We don't know. But, you are now looking at one of the few films ever taken of Marshall Markevitch, mysterious dictator of Communist Albania. Now, we got a hunch that Markevitch is behind a problem that no doubt you've been reading about all the important world figures who in the last few weeks have been mysteriously disappeared, out of sight, for God knows what ugly, twisted, un-American reason. Here is the Snatch List. The enemy has grabbed Georgie Jessel. Dorothy Lamour. The one and only Colonel Sanders. One of your favorites, Butterfly McQueen. They've heisted Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy. Xavier Cugat. And if you bozos want to believe it, Johnny Weissmuller. We don't know why Markevitch has copped all of these - world leaders. But, we do know this, we got to get somebody into Albania and we gotta bust them lose!

  • Bogey: On behalf of your fellow Americans, welcome to Super Secret Summer Camp Seventeen.

  • Bogey: Well, what's the verdict.

    Dick Clark: I've never seen anything so ridiculous, unbelievable, *freaked out*, cuckoo, in all my life. They're sensational!

  • Bogey: It says, Get Philbaby.

    Corrigan: What's a Phil baby?

    Boy Scout: He's the most high, groovy of all record producers.

  • Bogey: Move it, pussycat.

  • Bogey: This is an all SSA alert: all right you creeps, lets sell some lousy records!

  • Bogey: Listen, fuzzy wuzzy, a real man proves his virility with a gun of steel!

  • Bogey: Gentlemen, your wish is our command. This is what you wanted. This is what you get. Officers, dismissed. Gentlemen, the United States Government is pleased to announce an orgy. You dames, come get 'em!

  • Bogey: Where's Foxy?

    Dennis Larden - The Phynx: What's a Foxy?

    Bogey: What's a Foxy? Only the greatest Super Secret Double-Agent in the world!

  • Foxy: Well, so long for a little while, Bogey.

    Bogey: Here's lookin' at you - kid.

    Foxy: We're out.

  • Bogey: Red head, Five foot three. Bracelet with a word: Rosebud.

  • Bogey: Okay you blonde birds, I'm gonna promise ya, each and every one of ya, that you're all gonna get to meet the Phynx. Win a special prize, for each and every one of ya, providing you're friendly, just keep your pants on.

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