Bodyguard Quotes in GoldenEye (1995)


Bodyguard Quotes:

  • Valentin Dmitrovitch Zukovsky: He wants *me* to do him a favor! My knee aches every single day! Twice as bad when it is cold. Do you have any idea how long the winter lasts in this country? Tell him, Dmitri.

    Bodyguard: Well, it depends...

    Valentin Dmitrovitch Zukovsky: SILENCE!

  • [Discussing Trotter]

    Ticket Seller: All kind of balls...

    Bodyguard: One of his is crystal.

  • Ray "Bones" Barboni: Let me explain something to you. Momo is dead. Which means that everything he had now belongs to Jimmy Cap, including you. Which also means, that when I speak, I speak for Jimmy. E.g., from now on, you start showing me the proper fucking respect.

    Chili Palmer: "E.g." means "for example". What I think you want to say is "I.e.".

    Ray "Bones" Barboni: Bullshit! That's short for "ergo".

    Chili Palmer: Ask your man.

    Bodyguard: To the best of my knowledge, "e.g." means "for example".

    Ray "Bones" Barboni: E.g., i.e., fuck you! The point is this: is that, When I say "jump", you say "OK", okay?

  • Chili Palmer: Hey, Bones, that's quite a scar you got on your head. Why don't you have these guys fit you for a rug, cover it up for you?

    Ray "Bones" Barboni: [to the barbers] You two geezers take your game to the park.

    [He goes into the back room]

    Bodyguard: [menacing] This man is the man, you understand what I'm saying, motherfucker? He's *Mister* Bones. And you speak to Mister Bones from now on.

    Chili Palmer: [quietly] Come on, you can do better than him, can't you?

    Bodyguard: [lowers voice] Not these days. Not unless you speak Spanish.

  • [the Attorney shows his bodyguard the empty safety deposit box]

    Bodyguard: I don't belive it! $830,000... gone. How?

    Attorney: [stammering] I... I don't know. It's just...

    Bodyguard: What are we going to tell Vegas?

    Attorney: Whatever you tell them, they're not gonna belive it. I know those guys. They're killers. If you tell them the money's gone, stolen, or we got ripped off... they're gonna think we stole it.

    Bodyguard: What do we do now?

    Attorney: Start running. Jesus... man, you can't trust a bank!

  • Bodyguard: [Ness confronts Capone] Something you want here?

    Ness: [referring to Oscar Wallace] My friend was killed today.

    Bodyguard: I don't care.

    Ness: You don't care.

    [Ness punches the bodyguard in the nose, knocking him to the ground]

    Ness: Now he does.

    [to Capone]

    Ness: Come on here, Capone. You want to fight? You and me, right here? That's it, come on! What's the matter? You afraid to come out from behind your men, you afraid to stand up for yourself?

    Capone: You want to do it now? You want to do the mat now?

    Ness: Yeah! Come on, you guinea son of a bitch!

    Capone: What? You talk to me like that in front of my son? Fuck you and your family!

    Ness: Fu...

    [Ness goes for his gun, while all of Capone's men pull out there guns and point them at Ness]

  • Bodyguard: Did ya get the license number?

    Rocky: Of what?

    Bodyguard: The truck that run over your face.

  • [Rocky and Gazzo step out of the car for a talk]

    Gazzo: [upset] How come you didn't break this guy's thumb like I told you?

    Rocky: Well, how did you know I didn't...

    Gazzo: You don't think I hear things? Did I give you a job this morning or didn't I, huh?

    Rocky: Yeah.

    Gazzo: So why didn't you break his thumb like I told you? When you don't do what I tell you to do, you make me look bad, Rock.

    Rocky: [trying to come up with an excuse] I figured... look, I figured if I break the guy's thumb, he gets laid off, right? Then he can't make...

    Gazzo: [cuts Rocky off] Yeah, well don't figure! Let me do the figurin', okay, Rock? From here on in, just let me do the figuring, you know? These guys think we're running some kind of charity or something. That they can get off light. From here on in, do what I tell you to do, because it's bad for my reputation! You understand? You got...

    [shoves Rocky]

    Gazzo: You got it, Rock?

    Rocky: [beat] I got it.

    Gazzo: Good. Now, tomorrow you collect 400 from Del Rio. And if I tell you to break a guy's nose or thumb as a "late payment notice", you do it!

    Rocky: [to Gazzo as he walks back towards the car] Hey, how do you spell "Del Rio"?

    Gazzo: [angrly] Look it up in a dictionary, Rock!

    Rocky: What's a dictionary? Hey, come on! I won't let it happen no more about the thumb. You know?

    Bodyguard: [to Rocky as he drives off with Gazzo] Hey... so long, meatbag!

    Rocky: [to Buddy the Bodyguard as he drives away] I shouda broke your thumb!

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