Bobby Wayne Quotes in Ernest Goes to Camp (1987)


Bobby Wayne Quotes:

  • Ernest P. Worrell: My motto is, "I never met a bad kid."

    State Supervisor: Then let me introduce you to some. These misfits were selected by their ward leaders as most in need of help.

    [they step over to the boys]

    State Supervisor: This here's the ringleader, Bobby Wayne. He's been in and out of institutions like this since he was eleven.

    Bobby Wayne: Since I was nine.

    State Supervisor: And this here's Crutchfield. Twelve years old and already a master thief.

    Crutchfield: [Hands back Ernest's wallet] It's like a... gift or something.

    Ernest P. Worrell: Well, thanks

    [takes the wallet]

    State Supervisor: And here's Danny Simpson. He comes from a long line of troublemakers.

    Danny: It's a family tradition. I've got a reputation to uphold.

    State Supervisor: And the Albert Eeeeiiinstein of this institution, Chip Ooooozgood.

    Chip Ozgood: [Says nothing]

    State Supervisor: [Shakes her head] Butch Too Cool Vargas.

    Butch 'Bubba' Vargas: [Says nothing, looks at her contemptuously]

  • Crutchfield: That sure was some rap Chief was putting on for us.

    Chip Ozgood: Do you think it's true?

    Bobby Wayne: Well you wouldn't catch me standing around letting some Indian throw knives at me.

    Crutchfield: Whack!

  • Butch 'Bubba' Vargas: Ernest, um... we've been thinking.

    Crutchfield: Yeah, we ain't got much of a chance but we got a plan.

    Bobby Wayne: If we stop those miners then there will be a Camp Kikakee.

    Ernest P. Worrell: Boys, we can't stop those miners, look what they did to me and that was just one of them.

    Chip Ozgood: Come on Ernest, that don't sound like no path of the brave to me.

    Moustafa 'Moose' Hakeem Jones: I don't want to go back to no institution, I want to stay right here with you.

    Bobby Wayne: Yeah we all do, Ernest.

    Chip Ozgood: Come on, Ernest, we can get them.

    Bobby Wayne: Hey, it's the path of the brave.

    Crutchfield: Let's go for it, we can do it, Ernest.

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