Bobby Kalzone Quotes in Drowning Mona (2000)


Bobby Kalzone Quotes:

  • Bobby Kalzone: It's been different since Jeff killed Peaches.

    Wyatt Rash: Jeff killed Peaches? I thought it was the other way around.

    Bobby Kalzone: Peaches killed Jeff?

  • Ellen: You're supposed to have that thing in your head that says, "BAD FUCKING IDEA, BOBBY!"

    Bobby Kalzone: I do have it! It just didn't work!

  • Bobby Kalzone: Mona Dearly's dead.

    Ellie: What?

    Bobby Kalzone: She's dead- It was just a- car accident.

    Ellie: You gotta be kiddin' me. Well- We gotta celebrate!

    Bobby Kalzone: Jesus, God, Ellie she's a human being. Have a little respect.

    Ellie: I don't gotta have respect for no one in that family. Think how they treated you.

    Bobby Kalzone: How did they treat me?

    Ellie: Badly, they're a houseful of freaks.

  • Bobby Kalzone: Dude, she's like 13.

    Jeff: Finally!

  • Ellen: Yeah, but you're not even supposed to get that far, you're supposed to have that thing in your head that goes off and says, 'bad FUCKING idea, Bobby!'

    Bobby Kalzone: I have that thing! I have that thing. It just didn't go off.

    Ellen: [pause] Yeah, well, I'm pregnant.

    Bobby Kalzone: What? You're pregnant? That's great!

    Ellen: Uh huh! I thought so too, till a moment ago. I can't believe you killed someone!

    [gets up to leave]

    Bobby Kalzone: Where you going?

    Ellen: Home!

    Bobby Kalzone: We need milk.

  • Bobby Kalzone: [after Ellen slaps him after explaining what he did] What you do that for?

    Ellen: [outraged] You killed Mona Dearly!

    Bobby Kalzone: [chastened] I know.

    Ellen: BUT WHY!

    Bobby Kalzone: Because I thought I was killing Jeff!

    Ellen: Bobby, my dad is the chief of police!

    Bobby Kalzone: I know, but I wasn't gonna go through with it.

    Ellen: It doesn't matter; you killed someone!

    Bobby Kalzone: I know, but I was doing it for us. Jeff was killing the business, and Mona wasn't gonna let me out of the partnership, so - Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

    Ellen: A good idea at the time? 'Cut the grass at 6:00, lay sod at 7:00, DROWN THE DEARLYS AT 8:00'!

  • Bobby Kalzone: [after grabbing the golf club Mona is using to damage Bobby's Yugo] God... this is. I mean, enough's enough. All I ever wanted was a nice professional business so that Ellie and I could have a...

    Jeff Dearly: [Cuts off Bobby and begins tapping his thumb and middle finger together] Ya, ya, ya, you know what this is? This is the world's smallest tambourine, and it's, and it's playing some sort of song or something.

    Mona Dearly: Shut up! Shut up! That's a violin, you asshole, give me that thing, give me that!

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