Bobby Jay Bliss Quotes in Thank You for Smoking (2005)


Bobby Jay Bliss Quotes:

  • Polly Bailey: [in a restaurant, referring to Heather] You didn't tell her about us, did you?

    Nick Naylor: Who? Heather? No!... I mean, maybe in passing.

    Polly Bailey: In passing.

    Bobby Jay Bliss: Oh God, he fucked her. I tried to warn you...

    Polly Bailey: Hey, he didn't fuck her. You didn't fuck her, did you?

    [Nick doesn't answer]

    Polly Bailey: When?

    Bobby Jay Bliss: In passing.

  • Polly Bailey: [in a restaurant] How about it Nick, are you a tit man?

    Bobby Jay Bliss: Don't answer that, that's a trap.

    Nick Naylor: Depends on the tits.

  • Bobby Jay Bliss: [in a restaurant] Did you know that you can fool the breathalizer test by chewing on activated charcoal tablets?

    Polly Bailey: Well, maybe we should change our slogan to "If you must drink and drive, suck charcoal."

    Nick Naylor: Won't the police ask about the charcoal in your mouth?

    Bobby Jay Bliss: There's not a law against charcoal.

    Polly BaileyNick Naylor: Yet.

  • Nick Naylor: [Narrating] Right there, looking into Joey's eyes, it all came back in a rush. Why I do what I do. Defending the defenseless, protecting the disenfranchised corporations that have been abandoned by their very own consumers: the logger, the sweatshop foreman, the oil driller, the land mine developer, the baby seal poacher...

    Polly Bailey: Baby seal poacher?

    Bobby Jay Bliss: Even *I* think that's kind of cruel.

  • Polly Bailey: How are you feeling?

    Nick Naylor: First time I'm thinking these cigarettes are really dangerous

    Bobby Jay Bliss: [Puts a gun on the table] you might be right about that, it might be small but it'll do the job, one shot BAM

    Polly Bailey: He's not going to shoot anyone

    Joey Naylor: Cool

    Bobby Jay Bliss: Yeah? I mean guns should be treated with respect you understand?

    Nick Naylor: You make a great father

    Bobby Jay Bliss: Thanks

  • Nick Naylor: [seeing him an apple pie covered in cheese] That's disgusting!

    Bobby Jay Bliss: It's American.

  • Bobby Jay Bliss: The way I heard it, D.C. police found you naked, laying in Lincoln's crotch, covered in nicotine patches with a sign across your chest that said...

    Polly Bailey: He doesn't need to hear the details.

    Bobby Jay Bliss: It was some pretty fucked up shit.

    Polly Bailey: Shh!

  • [the Merchants of Death pass through a metal detector, which beeps as Bobby Jay, the firearms lobbyist, passes through]

    Bobby Jay Bliss: [to Nick and Polly] You guys go on ahead, this might take a while.

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