Bobbie Landers Quotes in Oh, God! (1977)


Bobbie Landers Quotes:

  • Bobbie Landers: I went to empty the garbage and two people blessed me. And then one of them blessed the garbage!

  • Bobbie Landers: Jerry, what are you going to do about Mr. Summers?

    Jerry Landers: What can I do? What do you want me to do?

    Bobbie Landers: I want you to say no more about it, like he said not to!

    Jerry Landers: Bobbie, Mr. Summers represents Food World. God is with "World" World! It's a slightly bigger obligation.

    Bobbie Landers: Bigger than your job?

    Jerry Landers: I have no choice! That's the problem!

    Bobbie Landers: The problem is, you do! How far do you intend to take this? I mean, how long is this gonna' go on?

    Jerry Landers: Until everyone gets the message! Until I can convince people of this miracle - I mean, that's what it is, you know - it's a miracle! Nothing less! And I've gotta' reach the greatest number of people possible and tell them about it.

  • Bobbie Landers: Alright, let's say for a minute that you saw God.

    Jerry Landers: Look, don't humor me. Or that'll really make me crazy.

    Bobbie Landers: Okay! Okay, you saw him! But, why is he talking to you?

    Jerry Landers: Well, why not me?

    Bobbie Landers: Well, why not the Pope or Billy Graham or somebody way up there?

    Jerry Landers: Because he doesn't care about religion!

    Bobbie Landers: God doesn't care about religion, right?

    Jerry Landers: Well, that's what he said!

    Bobbie Landers: Well, he sure picked a funny business to go into, didn't he!

  • Bobbie Landers: I can't seem to accept the concept of you actually having a real, honest-to-god conversation with God!

  • Bobbie Landers: Jerry, I don't want the kids on TV.

    Jerry Landers: Can't be any worse than watching it.

  • Jerry Landers: Bobbie, don't let it get to you.

    Bobbie Landers: Don't let it get to me? Don't let it get to me? Jerry, it's got to me!

  • Bobbie Landers: Don't you see? Jerry! Look, you've got him to talk to. It's just me here. Me and those religious nuts outside. I have to leave the phone off the hook, because people keep calling up and asking to talk to God! Except, of course, the guy that offered to chew on my panty hose!

  • Bobbie Landers: Telegrams. Notes in the mailbox! In the doorway. Did - they even put one in the dog's mouth.

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