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Bob Taylor Quotes:

  • Bob Taylor: Look, don't worry he's in good hands.

    Inspector Fang Sing Leng: [Inspector Fang Sing Leng grabs Win Chan and pushes him in the interrogation room]

    Morrie Grosse: Hey, hey, hey... hey. I don't mean to be rude man but no torture, no thumb screws. This is Australia, we're not allowed to get into that sort of thing mate.

    Inspector Fang Sing Leng: He's Chinese, I'm Chinese. Don't worry!

  • Bob Taylor: You want us to fill out a comment card?

    Lisa Reisert: Yes, I do... and after you finish, you can go ahead and just shove it up your ass.

  • [after the bomb incident at Lux Atlantic]

    Marianne Taylor: Lisa! Do you have any idea what we've been through? First, there was no reservation.

    [smiles forcedly at Cynthia]

    Marianne Taylor: Then, our ceiling exploded. I got chunks of plaster all over me. I could get asthma.

    Lisa Reisert: I'm so sorry, Mrs. Taylor. Is there anything we can do to make it up to you?

    Marianne Taylor: Yes. Start by cleaning house. Get rid of her. She is completely useless.

    Bob Taylor: Absolutely. And cheeky, too.

    Lisa Reisert: I see. Well...

    [she looks over at Cynthia, then to the Taylors]

    Lisa Reisert: Here's what you can do. You can fill out a comment card at our front desk.

    Marianne Taylor: A comment card?

    [indignantly to Bob]

    Marianne Taylor: She asked us to fill out a comment card.

    Bob Taylor: You want us to fill out a comment card?

    Lisa Reisert: Yes, I do. And after you've finished, you can go ahead and just shove it up your ass.

    [both Taylors are struck dumb by this sentence]

    Cynthia: Yeah.

    [as she walks away with Lisa, arm in arm]

    Cynthia: You are so my hero.

    Lisa Reisert: Let's open the bar.

    Cynthia: Champagne?

    Lisa Reisert: Oh, anything but a bay breeze.

  • [first lines]

    Marianne Taylor: Taylor. Bob and Marianne Taylor.

    Cynthia: Just bear with me one second.

    Marianne Taylor: There are other hotels in Miami.

    Cynthia: I'm sorry.

    Marianne Taylor: What is the problem? We made these reservations over six months ago.

    Cynthia: I know, ma'am, I'm just not seeing it.

    Marianne Taylor: Well, where's Lisa? Lisa always takes care of us.

    Cynthia: I know, ma'am. She's out of town. Her grandmother passed away.

    Bob Taylor: Cynthia, is it?

    Cynthia: Yes, sir?

    Bob Taylor: Would you get in more trouble if you bothered her or if I called corporate?

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