Bo Catlett Quotes in Get Shorty (1995)


Bo Catlett Quotes:

  • Bo Catlett: I'd like to introduce my associate, The Bear. Movie stuntman, champion bodybuilder. Throws out things I don't want.

    Bear: I think you ought to turn around and head back to Miami.

    Chili Palmer: So you're a stuntman, huh?

    Bear: Yeah.

    Chili Palmer: You any good?

    Bear: Am I any good?

    [He turns to Bo, laughing. Chili grabs him by the balls, then throws him down the stairs]

    Chili Palmer: That's not bad for a guy his size.

  • Bo Catlett: You broke into my house, and I have a witness to it.

    Chili Palmer: What?

    Bo Catlett: Only this time it ain't no John Wayne and Dean Martin shooting bad guys in "El Dorado."

    Chili Palmer: That was "Rio Bravo." Robert Mitchum played the drunk in "El Dorado." Dean Martin played the drunk in "Rio Bravo." Basically, it was the same part. Now John Wayne, he did the same in both. He played John Wayne.

    Bo Catlett: Man, I can't wait for you to be dead.

  • Bo Catlett: Yayo! You gonna smoke, then you get the hell off my six-hundred-dollars-a-yard carpet. Now, I told you where the money is, all you have to do is go and get it.

    Yayo Portillo: No! No, I tell you something. I go to the airport, man, I open that locker and they bust me? I tell them I come to get something for you! That's all I know.

    Bo Catlett: That's all you know, huh?

    Yayo Portillo: That's all I know.

    Bo Catlett: Wait a minute here, Yayo, I'll be back directly.

    [to Bear]

    Bo Catlett: Keep an eye on Yahoo for me.

    [he leaves, Bear comes out to watch Yayo]

    Yayo Portillo: That's the way you get things done.

    [Bo comes back with a gun]

    Yayo Portillo: What the fuck you gonna do with that?

    Bo Catlett: I'm taking you out, Yahoo.

    [shoots him]

  • Bo Catlett: You understand, I knew Harry was lying, saying this wasn't any good, but holding on it, man, you'd have to break his fingers to get it away from him.

    Chili Palmer: That's funny, because I was just thinking what I'd have to break of yours to get it away from you.

    Bo Catlett: Now I'm explaining to you what I'm doing here, in case you thought I came to rob the place, rip off any of this dusty old shit that the man has.

    Chili Palmer: I wouldn't make you out to be a burglar, not in that outfit.

  • Bo Catlett: Now, be looking. The man over to your right in the blue wool shirt?

    [Yayo looks to his left]

    Bo Catlett: The other way. Derecho! That's a federal officer, most likely DEA. He moves his leg, you look for the bulge. You savvy bulge?

    [Yayo nods]

    Bo Catlett: Good, that's his backup piece.

    [Yayo stares at the fed very hard]

    Bo Catlett: Hey! Try and do it without looking at him, if you can.

  • Bo Catlett: You see how he just went over the rail like that? Maybe I could get Chili Palmer up here, and you could fix my balcony to give way like they do in the movies. I invite him to take a look at my view, he leans over the rail, pitches off the balcony into the sweet by-and-by...

    Bear: Cat, that's the dumbest idea I've ever heard.

  • Bo Catlett: Harry called you his associate. What exactly does that mean? I mean, I never heard your name, or read it in Variety, or The Star, or anyplace.

    Chili Palmer: It's what he said, I'm his associate.

    Bo Catlett: You must bring something heavy to the deal.

    Chili Palmer: I do: me.

  • Bo Catlett: It says here you're getting Martin Weir for the part of Lovejoy?

    Chili Palmer: That's right, we're getting Martin.

    Bo Catlett: Come on, how you gonna do that?

    Chili Palmer: I'm gonna take a gun, I'm gonna put it to his head, and say, "sign the fucking papers, Martin, or you're dead." That's it.

    Bo Catlett: I wonder, would that work?

  • Chili Palmer: I can't believe the way you do business out here. I can't believe how fucked-up your organization is.

    Bo Catlett: I tell you what. How about I count to three, and I organize your fucking brain all over the wall back there. How 'bout that?

  • Bo Catlett: Mr. Escobar, maybe your nephew panicked and took off.

    Mr. Escobar: Why are you talking to me this bullshit? I think maybe I have Ramón and César staple your tongue to your chin! What do you think?

    Bo Catlett: I think you speak very good English, Mr. Escobar.

  • Mr. Escobar: [speaking about Yayo] He's my sister's kid, no father, not too bright... personally, I think he's a retard. I only gave him the job as a favor to my sister, you understand.

    Bo Catlett: [nervously] Yeah, family... I know how that is.

  • Bo Catlett: I'm gonna get up, soon as I'm gone, you get up and move over to this same seat I'm in. You feel something under your ass, that's a key to a locker where your half-million is, along with some product we're returning. Powder's been stepped on so many times it's baby food.

  • Bo Catlett: You think we watch any of your movies, Harry? I've seen better film on teeth.

  • Bo Catlett: What is the point of living in L.A. if you're not in the movie business?

  • Bo Catlett: You get the money?

    Bear: No. What's this?

    Bo Catlett: Plan B.

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