Blood Quotes in Original Gangstas (1996)


Blood Quotes:

  • Blood: Heard you got trouble?

    Spyro: Everything's cool,what's your problem?

    Big Brother: Shooting a kid in a phone booth for a fuckin $300 hustle, is that good for business?

    Blood: Look the media coverage is scaring our major's supplier's,they're cutting back on the high-grade shit our customer's want.

    Spyro: Yea, well you let them them know everything's under control.

    Blood: The bottom line is this your action's are scaring people on my street's we got people with familie's there. Were not behind you on this you cross over to broadway with this shit and your ass will pay!

    Spyro: Ain't nobody paying a damn thing, we know what's going down.

    Blood: Yeah well I hope you do little brother.

    Damien: Our origanization's have enjoyed great prosperity and only through peace can this continue.

    Big Brother: [Point's finger at Damien] you better watch yourself!


  • Blood: What the hell is this? What the fuck was this? I know that was Damien's motherfucking car.Damien that's your ass, Mr. Big cueball head motherfucker and Spryo you high yellow bitch! Come over here fucking with me and my people! What the fuck y'all standing around for huh, what the fuck is your problem. Yeah this mean's WAR MOTHERFUCKER!

  • Blood: Mr. Bookman, Mr. Trevor it's time we neighbor's met.

    John Bookman: Let me explain something to you my brother, just because Damien's dead doesn't mean you can move in, I won't be that far away.

    Jake Trevor: I'm back home blood,

    [point's to John]

    Jake Trevor: and I'm working with him, just so you know.

    Blood: Well, there goes the neighborhood.

  • [last lines]

    Blood: Well, I'd certainly say she had marvelous judgment, Albert... if not particularly good taste.

  • Vic: Hell! They didn't have to cut her! She could have been used two or three more times!

    Blood: Ah, war is hell.

  • Blood: Now let's run through the modern Presidents.

    Vic: What good's all this history crap gonna do me?

    Blood: Just do the Presidents.

    Vic: Oh, God! Eisenhower, Truman...

    Blood: TRUMAN, Eisenhower!

    Vic: Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy...

  • Blood: I hope the next time you play with yourself, you go blind.

  • Blood: Pull up your pants, Romeo.

  • Blood: A cautous young fellow named Lodge / Had seatbelts installed in his Dodge. / When his date was strapped in / He committed a sin / Without even leaving the garage. That's clever, isn't it?

  • Blood: You know, Albert, sometimes you can be such a putz...

    Vic: A putz? What's a putz? It's somethin' bad, isn't it? You better take that back or I'm gonna kick your fuzzy butt!

    Blood: [sighs] Yep, definitely a putz.

  • Blood: Breeding is an ugly thing.

  • Blood: [as he enters a hotel room and proceeds to gun down King Tito and Company] ... ROOM SERVICE, MOTHERFUCKERS!

  • Blood: [pulls down pants exposing his bare butt to Bishop, Gilley and Flanigan] Why don't you kiss my ass?

  • Blood: Shut up! Don't say anything, don't do anything, just fucking sit there!

  • Blood: [after Dan has foiled the gang's convenience store robbery] You just stepped on your meat, man.

  • Blood: [to Dan] Sid, you're either the dumbest fucker I ever met in my life, or you got the balls of an elephant. Which is it?

    Dan Saxon: You pick.

    Blood: That's exactly what I'm going to do.

  • Blood: [as Dan is confronting Oatmeal] You hit him and I'll blow your mother-fuckin' brains out.

    Dan Saxon: Nobody lives forever.

    Blood: That's a fact.

  • Blood: Mind you, don't misunderstand me. I'm all for the old fair sex. Nothing like them at the right time and the right place. I mean, let's face it, you boffins have never come up with anything better as a substitute. But the moment I catch a glimmer of the old red light, that's me, I'm off!

  • Blood: Married? Are you kidding? I wouldn't touch it. I've got my career to think about. The only reason I'm at the top of my profession is that I have absolute peace of mind. You're married though, aren't you?

    J.B. Davidson: Well, yes, as a matter of fact.

    Blood: I can always tell.

    J.B. Davidson: How?

    Blood: Well look at you. Toxic as a crow, sneezing like a maniac, cigarette ash all down your front, nervous, out of breath, you've got married man written across your forehead in big neon letters!

    J.B. Davidson: But I'm happily married.

    Blood: Ah, she's got you well trained.

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