Blinkin Quotes in Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993)


Blinkin Quotes:

  • Robin Hood: Blinkin, listen to me. They've taken the castle!

    Blinkin: I thought it felt a bit drafty. Cor, this never would have happened if your father was alive.

    Robin Hood: He's dead?

    Blinkin: Yes...

    Robin Hood: And my mother?

    Blinkin: She died of pneumonia while...


    Blinkin: Oh, you were away!

    Robin Hood: My brothers?

    Blinkin: There were all killed by the plague.

    Robin Hood: My dog, Pongo?

    Blinkin: Run over by a carriage.

    Robin Hood: My goldfish, Goldie?

    Blinkin: Eaten by the cat.

    Robin Hood: [on the verge of tears] My cat?

    Blinkin: Choked on the goldfish.


    Blinkin: Oh, it's good to be home, ain't it, Master Robin?

  • Robin Hood: As my first order of business, I would like to appoint a new Sheriff... my friend Ahchoo.

    Crowd: A black sheriff?

    Blinkin: He's black?

    Ahchoo: And why not? It worked in Blazing Saddles.

  • Robin Hood: Blinkin, I'd like you to meet Ahchoo.

    Blinkin: A Jew? Here?

    Robin Hood: No no, not a Jew. Ahchoo.

  • Blinkin: Oh Master Robin!

    [hugging a replica statue of the Venus de Milo]

    Blinkin: You lost your arms in battle! But you grew some nice boobs.

    Robin Hood: Blinkin, I'm over here.

  • [Blinkin, the blind man, is up in a perch looking out for strangers]

    Robin Hood: Blinkin! What are you doing?

    Blinkin: Guessing. I guess no one's coming.

  • Ahchoo: Hey Blinkin.

    Blinkin: Did you say 'Abe Lincoln'?

    Ahchoo: No, I didn't say 'Abe Lincoln', I said 'Hey Blinkin.' Hold the reins, man.

  • Ahchoo: [after Blinkin catches an arrow] Blinkin! How did you do that?

    Blinkin: I heard that coming a mile away.

    Robin Hood: Right-o, Blinkin, very good.

    Blinkin: Pardon? Who's talking?

  • Robin Hood: [first meeting Blinkin the blind servant] BLINKIN!

    Blinkin: Master Robin, Is that you?

    Robin Hood: Yes.

    Blinkin: What back from the Crusades?

    Robin Hood: Yes.

    Blinkin: And alive?

    Robin Hood: [pause] yes.

  • [after falling from a tree]

    Blinkin: I can see!

    [runs right into another tree]

    Blinkin: Nope, I was wrong.

  • Rabbi Tuckman: I am Rabbi Tuckman, purveyor of sacramental wine and moyel extraordinaire.

    Merry Men: 'ello Rabbi!

    Rabbi Tuckman: Hello boys!

    Robin Hood: A moyel... I don't believe I've ever heard of that profession.

    Rabbi Tuckman: A moyel is a very important guy. He makes circumcisions.

    Scarlet: What, pray tell, sir, is a circumcision?

    Rabbi Tuckman: It's the latest craze. The ladies love it!

    Little John: I'll take one!

    Ahchoo: Hey, put me down for two!

    Robin Hood: I'm game. How's it done?

    Rabbi Tuckman: It's a snap.

    [demonstrates with a carrot and a miniature guillotine]

    Rabbi Tuckman: I take my machine here, I take your little thing, I put it through this hole, and then...

    [releases the blade, cutting the end off the carrot]

    Rabbi Tuckman: I nip the tip! Whose first?

    Merry Men: [groan]

    Little John: I changed me mind!

    Ahchoo: I forgot, I already got one.

    Blinkin: [puts his hand in the air] Question...

    [Ahchoo pulls his arm down silencing him]

    Rabbi Tuckman: I gotta start working with a younger crowd.

  • Ahchoo: [offers to shake hands with Blinkin] Hey, put her there?

    Blinkin: How do you do do?

    [extends arm that hits Achoo in the gut]

    Ahchoo: [hoarsely] I've been better.

  • [Villagers begin throwing food at the archery contest]

    Blinkin: Oh good, they've opened the salad bar.

  • Ahchoo: Blinkin - what's the fastest way to reach the villagers?

    Blinkin: Why don't we fox them?

    Ahchoo: Fox them!

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