Blanky Quotes in The Brave Little Toaster (1987)


Blanky Quotes:

  • Air Conditioner: You guys really have an attachment for that kid, don't you?

    Blanky: Yes. He was our master.

    Air Conditioner: Well, that's real nice, and any day now, he might come romping back, huh? He'll just come whistling through that door, and everything will be the same. Real peachy-keen-like.

    Blanky: Uh-huh.

    Lampy: It's a possibility.

    Toaster: Well, at least we try to be optimistic.

    Air Conditioner: [shouts] Optimistic? Somebody try to untie the knot in this guy's cord!

    Kirby: Why don't you just shut off?

    Air Conditioner: Hey, I'm really scared there, Kirby. What are you going to do, suck me to death?

  • Air Conditioner: So... It's back to that stupid static again. You think I don't know what's going on in here? I know what goes on in this cottage. It's a conspiracy and every one of you low-watts is in on it. Just 'cause you move around, you think you're better than I am. I'm not an invalid. I was designed to stick in the wall! I like being stuck in the stupid wall! I can't help it if the kid was too short to reach my dials...

    [Begins to spark and fizzle furiously]

    Toaster: We didn't mean it. Really!

    Air Conditioner: [bellows] IT'S MY FUNCTION!

    [continues sparking and fizzing and glowing]

    Toaster: No, wait. Wait!

    Kirby: He's gonna blow!

    Toaster: Quick, yank your plugs!

    [the appliances all unplug themselves just as Air Conditioner blows up]

    Blanky: Poor Air Conditioner.

    Toaster: I didn't think he'd take it so hard.

    Kirby: Ah, he was a jerk anyway.

  • The Radio: Boy, are we glad to see you!

    Lampy: Yeah. I really thought I'd turned in my warranty that time.

    The Radio: Until baggy here showed up!

    Kirby: I just slipped and fell in. That's all.

    Lampy: [laughing] Oh, yeah, sure, right.

    Blanky: You can't fool us. We love you.

    The Radio: That's right, like Mrs. Roosevelt loved her husband.

    Kirby: Yeah, yeah. Well, here's the shore. Everybody off.

    The Radio: Listen to this! This is President Roosevelt awarding the vaccum the medal of honor!

    [Radio places a leaf on Kirby's face, but Kirby blows it off, and everyone laughs]

  • Blanky: [off-screen from a distance] Help me! I'm stuck!

    Toaster: I hear him.

    Lampy: I don't see him anywhere.

    The Radio: Maybe he's calling from Blanket Heaven. He's a white, fluffly little angel with a knob-nose.

    Kirby: He's just stuck in a tree, that's all! Look!

  • The Radio: Why if it isn't ol' Rabbit Ears!

    Black and White TV: Why if it isn't ol' loudmouth!

    Blanky: Hey, TV!

    Lampy: How ya doing?

    Black and White TV: Oh, I've got a few more seasons left.

    Toaster: The cabin hasn't been the same since they took you away.

    Kirby: Yeah, it wasn't as noisy.

    Black and White TV: [grinning] Well I see you haven't changed.

  • Blanky: Do we have to stop here?

    Toaster: Only for a while.

    The Radio: Just long enough to lose our minds! We'll be cannibals within a few days, I've seen it happen!

    Kirby: And you'll be the first to go, dial-face.

  • [Toaster notices Kirby is reluctant to come]

    Toaster: You know, we could use someone who's really... strong!

    Lampy: And loud!

    Blanky: And grumpy!

    The Radio: And oblivious to reality!

  • Toaster: If a dog can do it, WE can do it!

    Blanky: But a dog has legs.

    Toaster: Ah, don't be a wet blanket.

  • Air Conditioner: What is it with you guys, anyway? You act like you just came off the assembly line! Now get this through your chrome. We've been dumped! Abandoned!

    Blanky: But he loved us.

    The Radio: That's right.

    Air Conditioner: So what? He's a kid. He has a family. They move away, he moves away. It's a packaged deal.

    Toaster: But maybe they're...

    Air Conditioner: He's not coming back! Pure and simple!

    Kirby: Oh yeah? Did you talk to him recently or something? They could drive up any second!

    Blanky: You really think so?

    Kirby: I'm not talking to you!

  • Lampy: Boy, he sure has grown!

    The Radio: Look at him! What a heartbreaker!

    Toaster: He graduated too!

    Kirby: Of course. He knows how to work hard.

    Blanky: He's all big now. I hope he still needs us.

    Black and White TV: [good-naturedly] Still needs ya? That's the silliest thing I've ever heard!

  • Blanky: There may be lions in there...

    The Radio: And tigers and bears. Oh my.

    Lampy: [sarcastically] He's such a baby! Ma-maa!

  • Kirby: What do you mean what are we going to do today? The same thing we've done for the last 2000 days! Chores!

    Blanky: Chores?

    Toaster: It'll be fun.

    The Radio: Fun? I'm up for some fun. Listen to this, a broadcast from Wrigley Field. It's the bottom of the ninth...

    [Lampy shuts Radio off]

    Lampy: I don't see how doing chores is supposed to be fun.

    Kirby: It's not supposed to be fun. It's work.

    Blanky: I don't like to work without the master.

    Toaster: Well, okay. If you guys don't want to work, why don't we play a game?

    The Radio: A game? What sort of a game?

    Lampy: What are the rules?

    Toaster: There's only one rule... no one stops until the house is clean.

    KirbyBlankyThe RadioLampy: Boo!

  • Lampy: Hey, everybody! Look! A clearing!

    Kirby: Great. Let's spread out the blanket and have a picnic.

    Blanky: But I'm full of stickers!

    Kirby: Well, my bag's full of thistles and sticks and who knows what else! Who's idea was it to come this way, anyway?

    The Radio: Why, it was the lamp's, I tell ya!

    Lampy: Oh, yeah? Who's supposed to be the big shot navigator around here, Mr. Loudmouth? Mr. Big Loudmouth?

    Kirby: Yeah!

    Toaster: Where are we, anyway?

    The Radio: Now, look here, fellas, just give me a second and I... Whoa, listen to this! It's the top of the ninth, the bases are loaded, and... PeeWee Reese is at the plate! There's the pitch, and he hits!

    [he hits a rock which bounces off everyone else]

    The Radio: Oh, and it's a triple play!

  • Blanky: Oww!

    Toaster: What's wrong?

    Blanky: He stepped on me!

    Lampy: Did not!

    Blanky: Did too!

    Lampy: Did not!

    Kirby: Did too!

    Lampy: Did not!

    Toaster: Hey, hey, hey, come on! How do you guys expect us to get there if you're fighting all the time?

    Blanky: You mean we're not there yet?

    Toaster: [chuckles] No, not yet. We've got a long way to go.

    Kirby: Oh, boy! You're telling me!

  • Toaster: Well, I'm going with or without you.

    Kirby: Well, I say we stay. We're gonna have a new master anyway once someone buys this cottage.

    Blanky: But I don't want a new master! I want our master!

    Toaster: Well? What about the rest of you?

    The Radio: You boys are gonna need a leader! Why, alone, you wouldn't last more than five minutes out there! I was once a mountaineer, see? And together, we can stand against the forces of nature!

    Lampy: Were you really a mountaineer?

    The Radio: Sure. Ask anybody. Ask Teddy Roosevelt. Why, we shoot moose together on the Klondike.

    Lampy: Wow. Well, you know, I was thinking, you guys are gonna need someone bright along too.

    Toaster: Good idea.

  • Kirby: Lay off! Just lay off!

    Toaster: What's the matter?

    Lampy: We were worried about you.

    The Radio: You had us real scared there, pal.

    Kirby: Well, there's nothing wrong with me, pal! Just back off!

    Blanky: Don't be angry.

    Kirby: Just keep your antenneas and knobs and wires and ribbons off my chrome! Who needs you guys, anyway? Gotta drag you around all the time, bunch of dead weight! I'd be better off without you!

    Blanky: But Kirby...

    Kirby: Especially you, you little rag!

    [pauses for a while, then turns to the waterfall]

    Kirby: So, uh... how do we get across this thing, anyway?

  • Blanky: He's not home.

    Toaster: We'll have to wait.

    The Radio: No. Let's wait inside!

    Lampy: But it's locked.

    The Radio: Luckily, my war training included inter-appliance codes. I will simply render the secret appliance knock, and we'll be welcomed by the native machinery. Stand aside, my meager companion!

  • The RadioLampyBlankyToasterKirby: [singing] There goes the sun, here comes the night. Somebody turn on the light. Somebody tell me that fate has been kind.

    Chorus: [singing] You can't go out! You are out of your mind!

  • Lampy: Hey. Hey. What's that?

    Blanky: A car!

    Kirby: I don't want to hear another word about cars!

    Toaster: You said it.

    The Radio: It sounds pretty close.

    Kirby: Just don't even start!

    Lampy: Sounds real close!

  • Toaster: Hang on tight, Blanky!

    Blanky: I am!

    The Radio: Don't let the tremendous height scare you.

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