Blanc de Blanc Quotes in Shoot First... Ask Questions Later (1975)


Blanc de Blanc Quotes:

  • Sheriff Edward Gideon: [Observing a deserted town] What the hell's goin' on around here?

    Sakura: Oh... maybe today holiday.

    Blanc de Blanc: He's right. Today's the day of St. Blanc the Martyr. That's my saint day! Hey, Sheriff, do you mind if I-?

    Sheriff Edward Gideon: Shut up, Swiss. Sit down. You bring tears to my eyes, but we ain't Catholics in these parts.

    Sakura: Uh-uh-uh, that's right. In America, all prostitutes.

    Sheriff Edward Gideon: [Annoyed] Protestants.

  • Sheriff Edward Gideon: Hey, wha- what are you doing there?

    Sakura: I'm preparing poutparri, Japanese style.

    Blanc de Blanc: Potpourri, not poutparri.

    Sakura: Yeah, yeah, special herbs, that prevent sleeping on hunger. That way, Sakura always stay awake and on guard all night.

    Sheriff Edward Gideon: Well, if it helps to stop hunger, bring it here. I'll have some.

    Sakura: Oh, we special, Sheriff, we special...

    Blanc de Blanc: Hey, leave some for me, huh?

    Sheriff Edward Gideon: You'll need your sleep. You're gonna do a lotta galloping tomorrow.

    Sakura: Ah, it's ready. Ah, ya, oh...

    Sheriff Edward Gideon: Good, huh?

    [He eats some of the potpourri]

    Sakura: Ah, yes... It's good?

    Sheriff Edward Gideon: It's very good!

    [Stops chewing and suddenly cries out in pain]

    Sakura: Immediate effect of herb preparation! You no sleep or feel hungry!

    Sheriff Edward Gideon: [spits out the potpourri] BULLSHIT!

    [He goes and collapses by a tree]

    Sakura: Sheriff, Sakura do help teethache, and let samurai stop pain!

    Sheriff Edward Gideon: Well, I can't! Even when I was a kid, the blacksmith had to pull out my tooth, now they're all aching, damn it!

    Blanc de Blanc: Eh, take it easy, Sheriff, one night will pass quickly.

    Sheriff Edward Gideon: YOU SHUT UP!

  • Sheriff Edward GideonBlanc de Blanc: [drunkenly] You're absolutely right, Swiss. I'm a horse's ass. And... of all th' horse's asses in the world... you... are my real friend.

    Blanc de Blanc: Now you're really beginnin' to make a little sense. But Black Jack, why did you choose the kind of existence that pays nothing and is full of danger? You got a house full of kids, and a woman who, exceptin' for the beard, could be the twin of Mochako.

    Sheriff Edward Gideon: Mochako doesn't have a beard.

    Blanc de Blanc: But Clementine has. Hey, look, we could both be rich, Black Jack. Rich, you hear? Let's open the box and divide up the money, huh? Think about it. Paris.

    [Mimes the Can-Can... Black Jack starts to join in]

    Sheriff Edward Gideon: Yeah, you're right, Swiss. Let's cha-cha-cha-cha the law! And everybody who the hell believes in it! Let's open the box! I've got the- I've got the key!

    [He pulls the key out from his pocket]

    Sheriff Edward Gideon: So let's...

    [His hand hovers over one of the three locks. He's forgotten which lock the key fits]

    Blanc de Blanc: C'mon, what's the matter?

    Sheriff Edward Gideon: The matter is, I can't remember which lock to open! An-and if we open the wrong lock...

    [imitates explosion noises musically]

    Blanc de Blanc: Very funny. Calm down, there are only three keyholes to choose from. Black, yellow and white. You gotta remember which one it is!

    Sheriff Edward Gideon: [Despondently] With all that fire water you gave me to drink, I can't even remember my own name!

    Blanc de Blanc: Your name is Black Jack! Now come on, now, open this damn box! Come on!

    Sheriff Edward Gideon: I got it! Eenie, meenie, miney, mo, catch a...

    [pauses, then points to the black lock]

    Sheriff Edward Gideon: That's it!

    [He kisses the key, and starts to try and insert the key into the black lock. Swiss stops him]

    Blanc de Blanc: Hey, wait! Are you sure?

    Sheriff Edward Gideon: Sure? No.

    Blanc de Blanc: You're not just drunk! You're crazy!

    [He gets up and leaves]

    Blanc de Blanc: Let me out of this looney bin!

    [Black Jack looks fit to cry]

    Sheriff Edward Gideon: God damn it! The one time I decide to screw the law... I can't remember which lock to use!

    [Rests his head, whimpering, on the box]

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