Black and White TV Quotes in The Brave Little Toaster (1987)


Black and White TV Quotes:

  • The Radio: Why if it isn't ol' Rabbit Ears!

    Black and White TV: Why if it isn't ol' loudmouth!

    Blanky: Hey, TV!

    Lampy: How ya doing?

    Black and White TV: Oh, I've got a few more seasons left.

    Toaster: The cabin hasn't been the same since they took you away.

    Kirby: Yeah, it wasn't as noisy.

    Black and White TV: [grinning] Well I see you haven't changed.

  • Chris: Hey, what about Rooney's down on 53rd? They've got like used vacuums and junk.

    Black and White TV: This just in: Rooney's vacuums found to be uh... um... carcinogenic in recent lab tests. Big, big tumors on those rats. Bleagh! We've got photos to prove it,

    [photos of showgirls]

    Black and White TV: and I don't even wanna look at them. Uhh!

  • Lampy: Boy, he sure has grown!

    The Radio: Look at him! What a heartbreaker!

    Toaster: He graduated too!

    Kirby: Of course. He knows how to work hard.

    Blanky: He's all big now. I hope he still needs us.

    Black and White TV: [good-naturedly] Still needs ya? That's the silliest thing I've ever heard!

  • Mother: You can just take some of our things. Oh, this lamp will look so cute in your dorm room.

    Chris: Go for it!

    Rob: Well, what are you going to read by, then?

    Mother: Oh, I'll buy some candles. I won't read. I'll go out.

    Rob: Thanks, Mom, but I'm not taking any of your stuff. I'll just pick up some cheap stuff at some old appliance store like... whatever.

    Black and White TV: That's right, folks! Appliances! Cheap appliances! Available now at Ernie's Disposal!

    Rob: Where's a good bargain place around here?

    Chris: You should have gone for the new stuff.

  • Black and White TV: A bargain in every buck! A buck in every pocket! A pocket in... um... every trouser! Ernie's Bargain Circus, where you ride the Ferris Wheel of Values for a better tomorrow!

  • Black and White TV: Boy if he gonna be surprised when he gets back. He just left a little while ago to drive out to the cab...

    [Plugsy switches the station; an announcer speaks Spanish]

    Lampy: Hey!

    The Radio: What's the idea?

    Plugsy: Oh, many pardons. Was you watchin' that channel?

  • Black and White TV: Why wander endlessly through this sprawling wasteland they dare to call a city when your dreams are all under one roof? Our roof! Corner of 3rd and East. Crazy Ernie's Amazing Emporium of... of... TOTAL BARGAIN MADNESS!

    [Burts out laughing and collapses]

    Rob: Have you ever heard of this place before? Looks pretty neat.

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