Birusu Quotes in Dragon Ball Z: Doragon bôru Z - Kami to Kami (2013)


Birusu Quotes:

  • Birusu: Oracle Fish! Oracle Fish, where are you?

    Yogen-gyo: [appears] I was out on a walk... What's up?

    Birusu: You said 39 years ago that I would face a threatening enemy!

    Yogen-gyo: I said that?

    Birusu: You did.

    Yogen-gyo: Okay... let's say I did!

  • Son Gokû: Lord Beerus, you're really strong. I didn't stand a chance. You're really the best in the universe.

    Birusu: You have realized the power of Beerus, the God of Destruction. Nevertheless, you were quite tough too. You are the second strongest fighter I've ever faced in my life.

    Son Gokû: The second...?

  • Birusu: Madam Bulma.

    Bulma: Yes?

    Birusu: I apologize for causing trouble.

    Bulma: Besides that, apologize for hitting me!


    Birusu: I apologize.

    Oolong: [to Bulma] Are you out of your mind?

    Birusu: If it's all right, please invite me to another party.

    Bulma: Only if you promise not to run wild.

    Birusu: I understand. But next time, I want to try that dish pudding.

    Bulma: I'll have tons served up. But don't say it tastes awful after eating it!

    Birusu: If it tastes awful, I'll destroy the Earth!

    Son Gokû: Then we'll fight again, Lord Beerus!

  • Birusu: [having breakfast] By the way, Whis, did Frieza destroy Planet Vegeta while I slept?

    Uisu: Yes, without a trace left.

    Birusu: Is that so? The fools on that planet were useless no matter how much time passed, King Vegeta was the worst!... I could have done it, but it was too far away and I couldn't be bothered. Besides, Frieza is a bad one himself, showing off and all. Should I destroy him when we next meet?

    Uisu: There is no need. Frieza is already dead.

    Birusu: [gags on his food] There's someone who killed Frieza?

  • Birusu: Now, as I swore to do, I shall destroy the Earth!

    [charges up an energy blast... and takes out some boulders]

    Uisu: Lord Beerus, you only destroyed a tiny fragment of the Earth!

    Birusu: That fight used up a lot my stamina unfortunately... I'll destroy the Earth in total next time.

  • Uisu: Isn't it impossible that there would be a formidable threat to you, Lord Beerus?

    Birusu: Well, even if the prediction of a threat is wrong, it feels like someone interesting will appear! That's why I awoke ahead of schedule!

  • [Beerus and Super Saiyan God Goku fight]

    Birusu: What's wrong? You look dissatisfied.

    Son Gokû: A little...

    Birusu: Do you dislike having become a god?

    Son Gokû: Yes. For something like this to exist...

    Birusu: What about it?

    Son Gokû: It was something I couldn't do alone.

    Birusu: Is that something to complain about?

    Son Gokû: Yes! I'm dissatisfied!

    Birusu: It's interesting, what you said. Do you dislike having achieved Super Saiyan God with your comrades?

    Son Gokû: I'm happy, really happy, but... I wasn't able to fight you without borrowing everyone's chi. That annoys me!

    Birusu: Then why did you become a God?

    Son Gokû: Because I wanted to fight Lord Beerus!

    [Bills gets mad]

  • Uisu: Please open your eyes, Lord Beerus. You can't sleep twice. You're the one who set the alarms to bomb at this time. If you don't wake up quickly, the second alarm will...


    Birusu: I know, I know...

    Uisu: You can't oversleep for 15 years like you did before. If you still can't wake up... shall I sing a song to wake you?

    [picks up a mike]

    Uisu: In that case...

    Birusu: [gets up] I know, I know!

  • Birusu: I only slept 39 years this time. It was just a nap.

    Uisu: You decide the time you wake up, Lord Beerus. Anyway, why at this time?

  • Birusu: Long time no see, North Kai. Your planet is very small.

    Kaiô: I apologize, it's quite a small and mundane world.

    Uisu: You destroyed it and reduced its size, Lord Beerus, when you lost to North Kai at hide and seek.

  • Birusu: Give me a pudding!

    Bû: I don't wanna!

    Birusu: What?

    Bû: I'm eating them all by myself!

    Birusu: You're going to eat all the puddings?

    Bû: They're ALL MINE!

    Birusu: [grabs the plate of puddings] Hand it over!

    Bû: I don't wanna!

    Birusu: Hand it over!

    Bû: I don't wanna!

    Birusu: Hand it over, you idiot!

    [Buu swallows all the puddings]

    Bû: You called me an idiot! I'll turn you into pudding and eat you up!

    Vegeta: [catches sight] Oh, shit! I turn my back for one moment and...

    Birusu: You have PISSED ME OFF!

    [hurls Buu into a lake]

  • Gotenks: Hey, cat person! All this over a pudding? I, Gotenks, will discipline someone with such poor manners!

    Birusu: Don't you understand? You Earthlings will have had it a lot, but to me it's a food I can't even imagine the taste of! PUDDING! It looks so beautiful and sweet!

  • Birusu: [on Goku] I cannot see the limit of his power. Still, he was nothing to worry about...

    Uisu: It's been a while, however, since I've seen you use 70% of your power, Lord Beerus.

  • Birusu: Who is this guy?

    Uisu: He is a Saiyan. He's called Son Goku, also known as Kakarot.

    Birusu: Didn't the Saiyans meet their end on Planet Vegeta?

    Uisu: Most of them did, but fortunately a few survived who were on another world. Prince Vegeta is one of them notably.

    Birusu: Don't Saiyans have black hair? Besides, a SAIYAN managed to defeat Frieza...

    Uisu: Recently, it appears that the Saiyans have mastered an ability to become a Super Saiyan.

    Birusu: What's that? Super Saiyan?

  • Birusu: I want you to say "I lost."

    Son Gokû: I lost...

  • Birusu: Are you still dissatisfied about being a God?

    Son Gokû: Yes!

    Birusu: That's a sort of pride, and thus a weakness! Such a large pride you have... a Saiyan with that sort of obsession is rare.

    Son Gokû: That's not entirely true. Vegeta has more pride than I do.

    Birusu: Come to think of it, he threw away his pride to protect everyone.

    Son Gokû: I know. For him to throw away his pride as Prince... isn't it amazing? I respect him for it!

    Birusu: So did you throw away your pride as well to become a God?

    Son Gokû: That's how it is...

  • Birusu: [a bullet in his forehead] I got shot too. It itches a little... It's not a good feeling. Not a good feeling at all!

    [crushes the bullet]

  • Birusu: [watches Goku fight Frieza] There was someone like him!

    Uisu: What do you mean?

    Birusu: Super Saiyan... Super Saiyan GOD! I saw it in a dream, fighting a guy like this, called Super Saiyan God!

  • Son Gokû: Can you bring the Super Saiyan God here?

    Shenlong: I cannot. It no longer exists. Super Saiyan God was a god created by the Saiyans!

    Son Gokû: What do you mean by that?

    Shenlong: You have a lot of questions... what exactly is your wish?

    Son Gokû: Lord Beerus wants to fight the Super Saiyan God!

    Shenlong: [worried] Lord Beerus?... Uh, nice to see you, Lord Beerus...

    Birusu: Show me how to create a Super Saiyan God!

  • Birusu: I too have a complaint.

    Son Gokû: What is it?

    Birusu: I have yet to fight in my full power!

    Son Gokû: Really? I used about 80%!

    Birusu: 80%? Then will you match this speed?


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