Bing Bong Quotes in Inside Out (2015)


Bing Bong Quotes:

  • Bing Bong: Take her to the moon for me. Okay?

  • Bing Bong: [Seeing a memory image of 11-year-old Riley] Whoa. Is this Riley?

    [Joy looks at the image and nods]

    Bing Bong: She's so big now. She won't fit in my rocket. How're we gonna get to the moon?"

    Joy: Oh, it's that time in the twisty tree, remember? The hockey team showed up and Mom and Dad were there cheering. Look at her, having fun and laughing. It's my favorite.

    Sadness: I love that one, too.

    Joy: Atta girl! Now you're getting it!

    Sadness: Yeah, it was the day the Prairie Dogs lost the big playoff game. Riley missed the winning shot. She felt awful. She wanted to quit. Sorry, I went sad again, didn't I?

  • Joy: All these facts and opinions look the same. I can't tell them apart.

    Bing Bong: Happens to me all the time. Don't worry about it.

  • [Joy and Bing Bong have fallen into the Memory Dump and are suck down there, doomed to be forgotten forever. Joy tried fruitlessly to climb up the piles of old memories to get out]

    Bing Bong: Joy? Joy, what are you doing, would ya stop it, please?

    [Joy ignores his pleas and keeps trying to get out, once again, to no avail]

    Bing Bong: DON'T YA GET IT JOY? WE'RE STUCK DOWN HERE! We're forgotten...

    [Joy pauses to realize her situation. In the background, the discarded sad core memory of Riley breaking down into tears on her first day at school begins to play]

    Riley: [in the memory orb] We... used to play tag... and stuff...

    [Joy walks over to the memory, and holds it sombrely]

    Riley: [in the memory orb] But... everything is different now. Since we moved...

    [the memory keeps playing the "video" of Riley's emotional breakdown at school. Joy keeps staring at the memory orb, in complete helpless despair. She sits down and begins to stifle tears. The sound of a discarded memory of Riley happily coloring as a toddler begins to play next to Joy, who picks it up and looks at it with a sad smile before tearing up]

    Joy: Do you remember how she used to stick her tongue out when she was colouring?

    [Joy continues to fight back tears. She picks up another memory orb, this time of a younger Riley telling a story to her parents]

    Joy: I could listen to her stories, all day...

    [Joy picks up another memory of Riley playing in her backyard as a toddler. Joy's eyes well up with tears, but she keeps holding back]

    Joy: I just wanted Riley to be happy...

    [Joy picks up the sad core memory of Riley crying in school. As he looks at it, she begins to sob, and completely breaks down into hopeless tears while Bing Bong sadly looks on. Joy's tears fall onto the happy memory orb of Riley after the Prairie Dog hockey game. As Joy wipes the tear off of it, she scrolls through the memory to see it was previously a sad memory turned happy. The sad portion consists of Riley sitting sadly with her parents on a tree branch. Curiously, Joy "rewinds" the memory to the point where Mom and Dad came to Riley to comfort her. Joy begins to hear Sadness's description of the memory in her head]

    Sadness: [v.o] It was the day the Prairie Dogs lost the big playoff game. Riley missed the winning shot, she felt awful. She wanted to quit.

    [Joy scrolls through the memory to see the blue sad memory of her and her parents turn a happy yellow when Riley's friends come to cheer her on]

    Joy: Sadness... Mom and Dad... the team. They came to help... because of Sadness.

  • Bing Bong: D, A, N, G, E, R, SHORTCUT!

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