Billy Rosewood Quotes in Beverly Hills Cop II (1987)


Billy Rosewood Quotes:

  • [Axel sees Rosewood with a huge pistol]

    Axel Foley: Yo, man! What's that for?

    Billy Rosewood: After the shootout at the club, I figured I needed more firepower.

    Axel Foley: Yo man, we gotta talk, seriously. Who do you think you are, Clint Eastwood? Dirty Rosewood?

  • Axel Foley: You just hit a squad car!

    Billy Rosewood: I know, I know. It's okay, I know the guy. He's a jerk.

  • [Rosewood runs a red light]

    Sergeant Taggart: It's red!

    Billy Rosewood: It's green!

    [He hits another car]

    Billy Rosewood: Oh, yeah, it was red. Okay.

    Axel Foley: It was yellow!

  • Axel Foley: Hey! Sound the alarm. You got a break-in!

    City Deposit Guard: I need authorization.

    [Axel and Bill pull their guns and shoot the alarm]

    Axel FoleyBilly Rosewood: Authorized!

  • Axel Foley: [about the cement truck Billy got for a pursuit] Well, this is pretty sporty!

    Billy Rosewood: Don't complain! It's all I could find!

  • [Taggart sees Rosewood take two shotguns and an overcoat out of his trunk]

    Sergeant Taggart: Billy, what are you doing?

    Billy Rosewood: I've been wanting to wear this for a while, Sarge.

    Sergeant Taggart: What are you, nuts? Jesus Christ, Billy! We gotta talk! What the hell is this?

    Billy Rosewood: You can never have too much firepower.

  • [outside the Playboy Mansion]

    Billy Rosewood: Sarge? You old bloodhound!

    Sergeant Taggart: Billy, isn't this uh...?

    Billy Rosewood: Yeah!


    Sergeant Taggart: No!

  • Billy Rosewood: Sarge, will you just relax and trust me?

    Sergeant Taggart: Trust you? You drive worse than Maureen!

    Billy Rosewood: [appalled] No way!

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