Billy Pratt Quotes in Overboard (1987)


Billy Pratt Quotes:

  • [Dean & Billy see Joanna's mugshot on TV]

    Dean Proffitt: That's her

    Billy Pratt: Who?

    Dean Proffitt: THE BITCH!

    Billy Pratt: [Seeing Grant leaving the hospital on TV] I can't believe he's skipping out on her

    Dean Proffitt: Of course he's skipping out on her, it's his shot at freedom.

    Billy Pratt: Maybe you should go down to the hospital and see if you can get some of your money back?

    Dean Proffitt: Look, he's gone.

    Billy Pratt: Not him, her.

    Dean Proffitt: She doesn't even know who she is, you think she's gonna know who I am?

    Dean Proffitt: [Dean turns around to walk away only to turn right back when he thinks of an idea]

    Dean Proffitt: Billy, there is a God and he loves me!

    Billy Pratt: You're not gonna shave your head, are you?

    Dean Proffitt: No, i gotta go home and talk to my kids...

    Billy Pratt: [interrupts] Dean, don't do this

    Dean Proffitt: ...and I want you to take them shopping at the Salvation Army!

    Billy Pratt: Dean, it's illegal... Dean you're crazy, you know that!

  • Billy Pratt: Annie, those are my underwear.

    Annie: Yours?

    Billy Pratt: I don't mean I wear 'em or anything. They belong to a girlfriend of mine.

    Annie: But what about Gertie?

    Billy Pratt: I strayed. See, I got lucky with this phone sex girl and I found one that takes personal checks; my truck doesn't have a backseat so I borrowed yours. Dean doesn't want you to tell Gertie so he's covering for me.

    Dean Proffitt: [comes up to them] What's going on?

    Billy Pratt: I confess. The jig is up!

    Dean Proffitt: The jig IS up, Billy, I'm finally trying to tell her the truth.

    Billy Pratt: I just did. See, I didn't get the name Bad Billy Pratt for nothing. I'm sorry, Annie, I got horny, do you hate me?

    Annie: [smiles] No, no

    [hugs him]

    Annie: I'm glad you're Bad Billy Pratt!

  • Dean Proffitt: This one's flat, give me another one Billy!

    Billy Pratt: I only got six.

    Dean Proffitt: Well, I guess we better send the ol' ball and chain out to buy us more.

  • Billy Pratt: Back in the day he was known as Mean Dean Proffitt and me I was Bad Billy Pratt

  • Gertie: Hey Billy, who are you talking to?

    Billy Pratt: Nobody!

    Gertie: Hey is that Dean? Hey Dean! Whats going on? Why dont you come in?

    Billy Pratt: Honey, go back to bed.


  • Billy Pratt: [George is carrying three fresh bottles of champagne to Jenny's cabin] Now see what you did?

    Sam McCord: [sarcasticly] Well what did I did?

    Billy Pratt: You have Michelle so confused that she don't know what she's doing, and now George is over there with my girl!

    Sam McCord: [disgusted] Ohhhhhh!

  • Billy Pratt: [sniffing Michelle's neck after she seats her at the table] Oh, golly, you smell good!

    Michelle: Thank you. Whatever you're cooking smells good, too.

    Billy Pratt: I'd rather smell you.

    Michelle: Uhm... Shall we dine?

  • Billy Pratt: Sam?

    Sam McCord: Yes, Billy?

    Billy Pratt: How do you feel when you're jealous?

    Sam McCord: Well, how should I know?

    Billy Pratt: Well, I'm jealous!

    Sam McCord: Oh, where's that whiskey?

  • Billy Pratt: Sam, do you think George is keeping her over there, you know, against her will?

    Sam McCord: Oh, sure! You can hear her screamin' for help, can't ya?

    Billy Pratt: Gosh, I just don't understand Michelle...

    Sam McCord: There's one thing you gotta learn about women. They're all liars. And if they ain't liars, they're worse, laying for you with wedding music. Take that little dame from Oregon. All I was doing was tying her shoe laces and she starts beating me over the head with a preacher. Or that little thing from Minnesota, who tried to marry me while I was so drunk I didn't know what I was doing, if it hadn't been for the parson's mercy, I'd have been hooked good, for good! You just can't trust women. No matter how honest they act, they all want to be wives!

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