Billy Lee Quotes in Double Dragon (1994)


Billy Lee Quotes:

  • Guisman: You're weak like your father.

    Billy Lee: You're ugly like your mother.

  • Billy Lee: Look who's talkin', UG Lee.

    Jimmy Lee: Get it straight. YOU'RE "Ug" Lee. I'm "Home" Lee.

    Billy Lee: Oh, okay...

  • Jimmy Lee: [possessed by Koga Shuko] Do you know the story of Romulus and Remus - sons of Mars, God of war?

    Billy Lee: [speaking to his half of the Dragon Medallion] If you're waiting for an emergency, this is it.

    Jimmy Lee: The brothers were abandoned and raised by wolves. Together, they built the great city of Rome.

    Billy Lee: [to Koga Shuko] Shadow Demon, you shall not pass.

    Jimmy Lee: In a quarrel, Romulus killed Remus.

  • Billy Lee: My whole life just flashed before my eyes! Dude, I sleep a lot.

    Jimmy Lee: Are you crazy? We almost wrecked our CAR!

  • Billy Lee: Oh, Sh...

    Guisman: You said it!

  • Guisman: Aw, shit!

    Billy LeeJimmy Lee: [both] You said it!

    [combines both pieces of the medallion]

  • Billy Lee: [reads Sign] "Caution: Watch Your Step." Watch your step?

    [falling, screaming, landing, looking about them]

    Jimmy Lee: [surrounded by angry martial arts children] Great! The Power Corps are midgets.

    Marian Delario, Power Corps Chief: You need some help? Why didn't you guys use the stairs?

    Billy Lee: [pointedly to Jimmy] "Please use other door."

  • Smartass Mohawk: [checking his computer for the identities of the people in the car ahead of them] Hey, we know these guys! It's the Lee brothers, Ug and Home, ha-ha.

    Bo Abobo #1: Who?

    Billy Lee: [in the car ahead] Make a right on Wilshire.

    Bo Abobo #1: Oh, I get it - UG-Lee, HOME-Lee. Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha...

  • Billy Lee: [facing danger together] So what's the plan?

    Jimmy Lee: I'm still workin' out the small details.

  • Jimmy Lee: Yuck!

    Billy Lee: Yuck!

    Jimmy Lee: This water's gross.

    Billy Lee: It should have a seat and a lid over it.

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