Billy Budd Quotes in Billy Budd (1962)


Billy Budd Quotes:

  • Billy Budd: Farewell to the Rights of Man!

  • Jenkins: [as Billy tastes his first shipboard meal] Like it Billy? Taste good?

    Billy Budd: It's hot and there's a lot of it. I like everything about it except the flavor.

  • Billy Budd: It's wrong to flog a man. It's against his being a man.

  • [Billy and the Dansker have just witnessed a flogging]

    Billy Budd: What was his crime?

    The Dansker, sailmaker: Any one of many possible reasons.

    Billy Budd: You mean you don't know what he did?

    The Dansker, sailmaker: Flogging. The only solution to every problem. I warrant even the culprit himself doesn't know! It was just... his... turn!

  • Billy Budd: God bless Captain Vere!

  • William O'Daniel, maintopman: [After Jenkons' burial at sea] Well, that's the end of Enoch Jenkins. Over the side he goes and his mates soon forget him.

    Alan Payne, maintopman: They'll not forget him so soon, I'm thinking.

    The Dansker, sailmaker: Ah, whatever happened to Jenkins, he ain't worried now. He got a hundred fathoms between him and the troubles of his life.

    Billy Budd: I'd rather be buried at sea than on the shore when I come to die. Will you stand by the plank, mates, so I can shake a friendly hand before I sink?

    [After a pause, they all laugh]

    Billy Budd: .

  • Master At Arms Claggert: Tell me in all ignorance do you dare understand me, then?

    Billy Budd: I think so, sir.

    Master At Arms Claggert: Why did Jenkins die?

    Billy Budd: You did not wish his death.

    Master At Arms Claggert: No, I did not.

    Billy Budd: You didn't even hate him. I think that sometimes you hate yourself. I was thinking, sir, the nights are lonely. Perhaps I could talk with you between watches when you've nothing else to do.

    Master At Arms Claggert: Lonely. What do you know of loneliness?

    Billy Budd: Them's alone that want to be.

    Master At Arms Claggert: Nights are long. Conversation helps pass the time.

    Billy Budd: Can I talk to you again, then? It would mean a lot to me.

    Master At Arms Claggert: Perhaps to me, too.

    [His expression suddenly sours.]

    Master At Arms Claggert: Oh, no. You would charm me too, huh? Get away.

    Billy Budd: Sir?

    Master At Arms Claggert: Get away!

  • Billy Budd: There are many ways to lie, Mr. Claggert, but there is only one way to tell the truth.

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