Bill Warren Quotes in California Suite (1978)


Bill Warren Quotes:

  • Hannah Warren: You look so... what is the word?

    Bill Warren: Happy.

    Hannah Warren: [ignores his reply] Casual.

  • Hannah Warren: You drive everywhere, do you?

    Bill Warren: Everywhere.

    Hannah Warren: Even to your car?

  • Bill Warren: And I gave up analysis.

    Hannah Warren: I heard that. Why did you quit?

    Bill Warren: I went sane.

  • Bill Warren: Mate-wise? Mate-wise I'm seeing a very nice girl.

    Hannah Warren: Are you? Seeing her to where?

  • Bill Warren: Jenny is our daughter. Ours.

    Hannah Warren: Maybe. We'll see. They've been a little slow with the blood tests.

  • Bill Warren: No.

    Hannah Warren: No, what?

    Bill Warren: No, sir.

  • Bill Warren: Do you really think she has that devious a mind?

    Hannah Warren: Of course - she's my daughter.

  • Bill Warren: You're not the same woman I left nine years ago.

    Hannah Warren: And I have the missing ovaries to prove it!

  • Bill Warren: This is a new color for you: vulnerable.

    Hannah Warren: Well, take a picture of it, 'cause you're not going to see it again.

  • Bill Warren: If we're going to banter like this give me a minute. After nine years I'm a little rusty.

    Hannah Warren: Oh, don't worry. You'll pick it right up again. It's like french. See, that's what I'd miss if I ever left New York. The bantering.

    Bill Warren: San Francisco's only an hour away. we go up there and banter in emergencies.

    Hannah Warren: I never liked San Francisco. I was always afraid I'd fall out of bed and roll down one of those hills.

    Bill Warren: Not you, Hannah. You roll up hills.

    Hannah Warren: Oh, good. You're bantering; the flight out wasn't a total loss.

  • Bill Warren: This is an event. It's the first time in my life that I have seen you so nervous.

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