Bill Cole Quotes in Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (1948)


Bill Cole Quotes:

  • Jim Blandings: That's fine. For the rest of my life, I'll have to get up at 5 in the morning to catch the 6:15 train to get to my office at 8. It doesn't even open until 9, and I never get there until 10!

    Muriel Blandings: Well, maybe if you start earlier, you can leave the office earlier.

    Jim Blandings: To get home earlier, to get to bed earlier, to get up earlier, I suppose.

    Bill Cole: Maybe you can get the railroad to push the train up to 4:15. Then you won't have to go to bed at all.

  • Bill Cole: You've been taken to the cleaners, and you don't even know your pants are off.

  • Muriel Blandings: Mr. Zucca explained he has to use dynamite to blast to get rid of the rock.

    Mr. Zucca: That's no rock. That's a ledge.

    Bill Cole: What Mr. Blandings means is, what precisely is a ledge?

    Mr. Zucca: A ledge is like a big stone. Only it's bigger.

    Jim Blandings: Like a boulder!

    Mr. Zucca: No, like a ledge.

  • Jim Blandings: [reading eviction notice] Hmm! Well, we'll just see about that!

    Muriel Blandings: What is it? What's the matter, Jim?

    Jim Blandings: Mr. William Cole, please. Hello, Bill. They can't get away with this! I know my rights as a citizen. Why, this notice from the owner of this building. He wants our apartment. He's ordering us to move in thirty days. Well, that's ridiculous! How can I move into a house that isn't even finished? There are no windows, no plaster, no paint. Now you listen to me: I have no intention of moving in thirty days. This is not legal! I'm going to fight this thing and I don't care if it takes every penny I've got! Yeah. Yeah. Yeah!

    Muriel Blandings: Well?

    Jim Blandings: We're moving in thirty days.

    Bill Cole: [narrating] So came thirty days, and they moved. That is, we moved.

  • Bill Cole: Take it easy, Mac. Take it easy! The Republicans ain't in yet, ya know!

  • Bill Cole: The next time you're going to do anything or say anything or buy anything, think it over very carefully. When you're sure you're right, forget the whole thing.

  • Jim Blandings: It just so happened that General... uh... Gates stopped right there at that very house to water his horses.

    Bill Cole: I don't care if General Grant dropped in for a scotch and soda. You're still getting rooked.

    Jim Blandings: That was a different war!

  • Muriel Blandings: The house and the lilac bush at the corner are just the same age, Bill. If a lilac bush can live and be so old, so can a house. It just needs someone to love it, that's all.

    Bill Cole: It's a good thing there are two of you. One to love it and one to hold it up.

  • Bill Cole: I kind of felt that he kind of felt that if I kind of told you that you'd know that he knew that you knew... or something.

  • Bill Cole: I kind of hate to leave this little place. Just four walls and a couple of nail kegs, but to me, it'll always be home.

  • Bill Cole: Congress oughta pass a law. When a man buys a house in Lansdale County, there's a prize. He gets 10 percent off if he can find it.

  • Bill Cole: Maybe there are some things you should buy with your heart and not with your head.

  • Jim Blandings: Water, Mr. Tesander.

    Tesander: Yep.

    Jim Blandings: At six feet.

    Tesander: Yep.

    Jim Blandings: And just over there, you had to go down 227 feet to hit the same water.

    Tesander: Yep.

    Jim Blandings: Now, how do you account for that, Mr. Tesander?

    Tesander: Well, the way it appears to me, Mr. Blandings... over here the water is down around six feet. And over there it's down around 227 feet.

    [Bill Cole repeats the last line in unison with Tesander who looks over his should at Cole]

    Bill Cole: Yep.

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