Bigwig Quotes in Watership Down (1978)


Bigwig Quotes:

  • Bigwig: Hazel? It is Hazel, isn't it?

    Hazel: It is.

    Bigwig: What are you doing here?

    Hazel: [Motioning to Fiver] We want to see the chief rabbit, Bigwig.

    Bigwig: We? You mean he wants to see him too?

    Hazel: Yes.

    Fiver: I must.

    Bigwig: What on earth for?

    Fiver: Well, I...

    Holly: Bigwig? What do they want?

    Bigwig: They want to see the chief rabbit.

    Holly: What for?

    Fiver: Well, I...

    Holly: Send them away.

    Bigwig: I'll take care of it, Holly.

    [Turns back to Hazel]

    Hazel: Look, Bigwig, when have I EVER asked to see the chief rabbit?

    Bigwig: [Thinks over, hesitating] All right, all right. Wait here.

    [Goes into warren, speaks to Chief Rabbit for a moment, comes back up]

    Bigwig: Come along then. Though I'll probably get my ears chewed off for this...

  • Bigwig: Hyzenthlay.

    Hyzenthlay: Sir?

    Bigwig: I'd like to talk with you.

    Hyzenthlay: I'm in the mark and under your orders, sir.

    Bigwig: Do you remember a pale grey rabbit called Holly you helped escape some while ago?

    Hyzenthlay: You've made a mistake, sir.

    Bigwig: Listen, Hyzenthlay. Listen carefully. I'm from a warren where life is free. Where you can do is as you wish. I've come to bring you all out of Efrafra.

    Hyzenthlay: You might be a spy sent by the council.

    Bigwig: You know I'm not. Will you join us? And persuade your friends as well, trust me. My friends are not far away.

    Hyzenthlay: [Voice is breaking] My courage, my... spirit is so much less than it was.

    Bigwig: We can escape Efrafra. Believe me.

    Hyzenthlay: Yes... I think I do.

    [She smiles]

  • General Woundwort: Why throw your life away?

    Bigwig: Hraka

    [rabbit for "excrement"]

    Bigwig: ... sir!

    General Woundwort: Come out!

    Bigwig: My Chief's told me to defend this run.

    General Woundwort: [Stunned] YOUR Chief?

  • Blackberry: You're beginning to sound like a chief, Hazel. 'Hazel-rah'.

    Bigwig: Hazel-rah? That'll be the day I call him chief, that will.

  • Bigwig: [meeting secretly with Kehaar to discuss the escape plan] Listen carfeully.

    Kehaar: [none too quietly] YAH!

    Bigwig: [not knowing Woundwort has heard Kehaar] Shhhh!

  • Hazel: Are you hurt?

    Kehaar: Kaah kaah!

    Hazel: If he's hurt, maybe we ought to help him.

    Bigwig: A bird? What for?

    Hazel: We - help - you.

    Kehaar: Piss off!

  • Hyzenthlay: [discussing the escape plan with Bigwig] Sometimes I can tell when things are true. Sometimes... I can see it... The high down with trees, and...

    [shakes head]

    Hyzenthlay: I've become foolish.

    Bigwig: [referring to Fiver] You'll have to meet this friend of mine. He talks just like that.

  • Pipkin: [while all are digging in the rain] What's happening back home, I wonder? Think, when we lived in our own burrows? Dry, soft, warm bodies...

    Dandelion: [to Hazel] Look, we can't go on like this.

    Silver: It keeps getting worse and worse wherever we go. Where ARE we going?

    Hazel: It won't be much longer, then we can all rest.

    Silver: How MUCH longer?

    Pipkin: We never should have left.

    Blackberry: Suppose Fiver's all wrong?

    Pipkin: We want to go back and find out.

    Hazel: Go back? After all we've been through?

    Bigwig: And probably get killed for wounding Captain Holly? An Owsla officer? Talk sense, for Frith's sake!

  • Bigwig: [Mocking Fiver's prophecies] I'm in a mist! Everything's bad! Oh, I've got a funny feeling in my toe! *Hraka*!

  • [Confronting Bigwig leading a mass defection of Efrafans]

    General Woundwort: Bigwig, you traitorous...!

    [to a subordinate]

    General Woundwort: Captain, get this miserable group back to their marks. I'll settle you myself, Bigwig. There's no need to take you back.

    Bigwig: Come and try, you cracked-brain slave driver!

  • [after they've been fighting]

    Bigwig: I told you once that I was trying to impress you... I hope I have.

    General Woundwort: And I told you I would kill you myself! There's no white bird here, Bigwig!

  • Bigwig: Aren't you going to silflay?

    Blackavar: I don't silflay at this time, sir.

    Sherbil: Tell him why you're here, Blackavar.

    Blackavar: [Mumbles] I've come here for the mark...

    [Chervil swipes at him to make him speak up, and he does]

    Blackavar: I... I... I've come here for the mark to see me. I... I've been punished for trying to leave the warren.

    [Chervil glares]

    Blackavar: The council were merciful...

    [Chervil threatens him again, and Blackavar cowers]

    Blackavar: The council were merciful.

    Sherbil: He keeps trying to run away. Captain Campion caught him this time. The council ripped his ears and says he has to show himself every morning early silflay as an example to the others. If you ask me, he won't last much longer. He'll meet a blacker rabbit than himself one of these nights.

  • Bigwig: There's a dog loose in the woods!

    Silver: Oh, that does it!

  • Hazel: [Bigwig is being strangled in a snare] Bigwig! Listen, you're in a snare! A snare! And what did they tell you in Owsla? Think!

    [Hazel tries to chew the wire loose]

    Bigwig: [gurgles] No good biting wire...

  • Bigwig: [They're being chased by a dog at the stream's edge] Come on! What d'you think will happen when he picks up our scent? Those that can swim swim. The others... will have to make out the best they can.

    Hazel: That's not good enough! We all got into this together, we'll all get out of it together!

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