Biggs Quotes in Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977)


Biggs Quotes:

  • Luke Skywalker: Hey Biggs, I told you I'd make it someday.

    Biggs: It'll be like old times, Luke. They'll never stop us.

  • Red Six: I got a problem here. My converter's running wild.

    Biggs: Eject!

    Red Six: I can hold it. Gimme more room to run.

    Biggs: You're too low. Pull up!

    Red Six: No, I'm all right...

    [death scream]

    Red Six: [Porkins' fighter explodes from a turbolaser crossfire]

  • Red Leader: All wings report in.

    Red 10: Red Ten standing by.

    Red 7: [over Biggs's headset] Red Seven standing by.

    Biggs: Red Three standing by.

    Red Six: Red Six standing by.

    Red 9: [over headset] Red Nine standing by.

    Wedge Antilles (Red 2): Red Two standing by.

    Red 11: [over headset] Red Eleven standing by.

    Luke: Red Five standing by.

    Red Leader: Lock S-foils in attack position.

  • Biggs: Attention all units, emergency on theater level, suspect six foot two, brown hair. He's one gigantic motherfucker!

  • [while talking to a bunch of pretty ladies]

    Biggs: Wanna see me kick some ass?

  • Biggs: I need a god that's got a lotta forgiveness.

  • Biggs: Of course I'm right... everything that comes out of my fucking mouth is right

  • Humphrey: Now, sex. Sex, sex, sex. Where were we?

    [pupils can't remember]

    Humphrey: Well, had I got as far as the penis entering the vagina?

    Pupils: Uh, no, sir. No, sir.

    Humphrey: Well, had I done foreplay?

    Pupils: Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

    Humphrey: Ah. Well, as we all know all about foreplay, no doubt you can tell me what the purpose of foreplay is. Biggs.

    Biggs: Um, don't know. Sorry, sir.

    Humphrey: Carter?

    Carter: Oh. Uh, was it taking your clothes off, sir?

    Humphrey: Well, a-and after that?

    Wymer: [Misunderstanding] Oh! Putting them on a lower peg, sir.

    [Humphrey chucks an object at Wymer for his stupidity]

    Humphrey: The purpose of foreplay is to cause the vagina to lubricate so that the penis can penetrate more easily.

  • Biggs: He calls himself Gomez. Probably Mexican for Jesse James.

  • Harold Brandon: Thank you for the warning, Mister, eh, Mister?

    Biggs: Biggs! Joe Biggs from Pineapple, Oklahoma.

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