Big Ethel Quotes in A Dirty Shame (2004)


Big Ethel Quotes:

  • Big Ethel: Perverts are taking over this neighborhood.

  • Big Ethel: You going to the movies, Dave?

    Dingy Dave: Huh?

    Big Ethel: [watching him scratch his ass] Hell, you're pickin' your seat, aren't you?

  • Big Ethel: My daughter's a good girl, she hates sex!

  • Big Ethel: [pleading with Sylvia to give up her fixation on oral sex] You'll get a yeast infection!

  • Vaughn Stickles: This isn't California.

    Big Ethel: It's Harford Road!

  • Big Ethel: Being a *whore* is a disease?

  • Neuter Man with Sub-Titles: [after Sylvia makes a move on him] That's it! I'm moving to Tulsa.

    Big Ethel: Don't run away. Join us for our decency rally today. Only you can prevent fornication.

    Neuter Man with Sub-Titles: Whatever...

  • [at the Bear house]

    Cow Patty: Hi, I'm Cow Patty.

    Vaughn Stickles: Hi, I'm Vaughn. I live up the street and I'm looking for my wife Sylvia.

    Cow Patty: I'm the only Goldilocks allowed in this Bear cave. I'm a Bear Hag and we call this...

    Mama BearPapa BearBaby Bear: Bear soup!

    [Big Ethel looks in at the Bears as Cow Patty notices her]

    Cow Patty: Wow, a tranny bear. Come on in!

    Big Ethel: [as she runs off] Police!

  • Mama Bear: Hey, polar bear, you know what an otter is?

    Big Ethel: No.

    Papa Bear: It's a bear cub who isn't fat or hairy yet, but will be!

    Baby Bear: Find me a significant otter!

  • Sylvia Stickles: Mother, I don't feel well.

    Big Ethel: Well, no wonder, they've got blatant homosexuals shopping right in our store. They eat life, you know... Sperm!

  • Big Ethel: Did you see those new neighbors moving in? Hmm? Grown men with hairly legs prancing around half naked? "We're bears." What the hell is that supposed to mean?

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