Big Chris Quotes in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998)


Big Chris Quotes:

  • Big Chris: I've got some bad news for you, John.

    John: What the fuck?

    [Chris closes tanning parlor on John]

    Big Chris: Mind your language in front of the boy!

    John: Jesus Christ!

    [Chris does it again]

    Big Chris: That includes blasphemy as well!

  • Big Chris: It's been emotional.

  • Little Chris: Fuckin' hell John, do you always walk around with this in your pocket?

    Big Chris: Hey! You use language like that again son, you'll wish you hadn't!

  • JD: I do know your reputation. So I choose my words very carefully. You tell Harry to go fuck himself.

    Big Chris: Now... I'll put that down to shock. Only once.

  • Big Chris: [Big Chris has just explained that Eddie is in debt with Hatchet Harry] I understand if this has come as a bit of a shock. But let me tell you how this can be resolved by you, a good father.

    JD: Go on.

    Big Chris: He likes your bar.

    JD: Yes?

    Big Chris: He wants your bar.

    JD: And?

    Big Chris: Do you want me to draw you a picture?

  • "Hatchet" Harry: It's about time you paid our young friends a visit, Chris. Today's the day and mum's the word, and I can't have that, can I?

    Big Chris: No, 'Arry, you can't.

    "Hatchet" Harry: I mean, it's a liberty. And I can't have liberties taken, can I, Barry?

    Barry the Baptist: No, 'Arry, you can't.

    "Hatchet" Harry: I mean, it's enough to give me the arsehole. And I can't have the arsehole, can I, boys?

    Big ChrisBarry the Baptist: No, 'Arry, you can't.

  • Big Chris: [after rear-ending Eddie outside of Harry's] You alright, mate?

    [Spots the bag of money he just gave to Harry in Eddie's lap]

    Big Chris: Cheeky bastard!

  • Big Chris: All right, son: roll them guns up, count the money, and put your seat belt on.

  • "Hatchet" Harry: How did you get your hands on these, then?

    Big Chris: The boys had 'em. I know you like these sort of things, wondered if you wanted 'em.

    "Hatchet" Harry: Yeah, I'll have 'em.

    Barry the Baptist: Was it hard work getting the money?

    Big Chris: Not especially. Upset a few characters, though.

    "Hatchet" Harry: Have you counted it?

    Big Chris: Yeah, it's all there to the pound.

    "Hatchet" Harry: And they were gonna pay?

    Big Chris: Looks like it. But who knows? The opportunity was there. In my experience, it's best to take that opportunity. If it's there.

    "Hatchet" Harry: Good work, Chris.

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